From: Carol Adair
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 3:29 PM
To: Yolanda Bellisimo
Cc: Yolanda Bellisimo; Alicia Pasquel; Arthur Lutz; Arthur Lutz; Blaze Woodlief; Carol Adair; Carol Adair; Derek Wilson; Erika Harkins; Ingrid Schreck; Joe Mueller; Michael Dougan; Patrick Kelly; Radica Portello; Robert Kennedy; Ron Gaiz; Sara McKinnon
Subject: AS Min 11-06-08

Attachments: AS Min 11-6-08.doc



12:45 – 2:00

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms A & B



Senators Present: Carol Adair, Michael Dougan, Ron Gaiz, Erika Harkins, Robert Kennedy, Arthur Lutz, Joe Mueller, Meg Pasquel, Radica Portello, Derek Wilson

Senators Absent: Yolanda Bellisimo, Eric Dunmire, Blaze Woodlief, Sara McKinnon, 

Guests: Rinetta Early



§                The topic of Community Education’ s categories was moved to the November 13th discussion agenda. 

§                The MOU on the Blueprint was moved to the November 20th action agenda.



I.          Adoption of the Agenda.   Accepted.


II.          Minutes of November 30, 2008Accepted.


III.         Reports

President’s report Yolanda Bellisimo: None


Vice President Patrick Kelly:  Patrick expressed his concern that the administration and Board are considering the sale of the Bolinas Lab without consulting COM faculty. During last week, Patrick repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to reach President White because an item appeared on the November Board agenda suggesting that some group from Bolinas was planning to present a proposal to buy the Bolinas Lab. No faculty member has been consulted on this proposal; we don’t know which group is making the offer or what they are offering. Apparently the item has been moved to the December Board meeting but its looming appearance is still alarming. The Senate asked Joe Muller to speak at the November meeting insisting on faculty involvement in any discussion of the lab. Joe will report at the next Senate meeting.


            Treasurer Ron Gaiz:  Ron reported on the Senate’s two accounts – The Union Bank of California, where our current total is$1,781.83 and the District account, where our current total is $13,068.70, bringing the total funds available to the Academic Senate to $14,850.53.


Curriculum Committee Derek Wilson: Derek reported that the CC approved 7 courses and tech reviewed 12. The committee also discussed course approval problems and the new online course outline which will allow the CC’s tech review to go faster and will mean much less work for faculty.


Academic Standards Rinetta Early:  Rinetta expressed the counselors’ appreciation to the Senate for talking to IT about Banner problems. Counseling sent a letter to Anita Martinez and Al Harris about the importance of their having complete unofficial transcripts. Things are moving forward. The counselors will have access to unofficial transcripts soon; will, perhaps, have code access to non-progress grades; and will, probably, have the ability to get timely testing results.



Community Education. Erika Harkins: Erika distributed a chart that delineated the differences between the sections of COM’s Community Education program: noncredit, community services and contract education. The chart showed how these differ from degree/credit and non-degree credit. Senators thanked Erika for the clarification. It was suggested that some categories need adjusting. Also, they asked Erika to bring to the Senate specific problems that arise from a misunderstanding of the categories. The topic of Community Education was moved to the November 13th agenda. Approved.



VI. Discussion


a.  Blueprint & Master Plan MOU Derek Wilson: Derek presented a rewrite of the MOU, drafted by Yolanda Belissimo, which insures that department/program blueprints will be informed by a master schedule; will be developed in accordance with a list of criteria; and will be adhered to. This agreement will be consulted when courses are considered for cancellation.  Senators agreed that they would like to continue discussing the issue of department/program blueprints. Before we act, we must consider such things as the importance of capstone courses (practicums and internships), the number of units required for some degrees, GE requirements, staffing considerations, etc. The Senate agreed to move the discussion as an action item to the November 20 meeting. Approved.


b.  Department Secretary Budget Patrick Kelly: Patrick reported that secretaries are being forced to draw secretarial supply money from department budgets. This especially creates a problem in the sciences where every penny is needed for lab supplies. Furthermore, the supply lines in the department budgets are designated for classroom use and, according to law, must be used for instruction. The departments are sending letters to the VP, the joint chairs and the Academic Senate insisting that all secretarial supplies be budgeted ahead of time and be placed in the appropriate dean’s budget not the budgets of academic departments.


c. DETAL    Patrick Kelly: Patrick represented Ingrid Kelly in reporting that the DETAL committee is having difficulty understanding its charge and therefore has not been able to meet. Originally the committee was created in response to Title V changes in the laws governing distant education and was directed by the Senate to write a position paper on how COM can remain compliant in online classes (including hybrid classes), media-based courses and classes taking place in more than one classroom at the same time. However, since its creation, the committee’s duties seem to have expanded to include consideration of all courses using technology. The Senate asked Yolanda to send a memo to DETAL that reiterates and clarifies its charge.



V. Adjournment: 2:00 PM


For questions or information concerning the Academic Senate, please contact Carol Adair: X7367