From: Carol Adair
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:36 AM
To: Yolanda Bellisimo
Subject: AS Min 10-23-08

Attachments: AS Min 10-23-08.doc




12:45 – 2:00

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms A & B



Senators Present: Carol Adair, Yolanda Bellisimo, Michael Dougan, Ron Gaiz, Erika Harkins, Robert Kennedy, Sara McKinnon, Arthur Lutz, Joe Mueller, Radica Portello, Derek Wilson,

Senators Absent: Eric Dunmire, Blaze Woodlief, Meg Pasquel,

Guests: Rinetta Early, Ratnakar Nanavaty, Marshall Northcott, John Sutherland




§                The Senate agenda will be modified to include a heading titled “New Business”, during which time senators might introduce legitimate new business to be included on the next meeting agenda. The Senate will vote on whether or not to accept the suggested agenda item and on where it is placed on the agenda.

§                AP 4021 –Revitalization and Discontinuance. Language approved including that a revitalization procedure is “not to exceed two years”.




I.        Approval and Adoption of the Agenda.   Approved.


II.       Reading and Approval of the Minutes of October 16, 2008Approved.


III.      Reports

President’s report. Yolanda Bellisimo: Written. Attached. In her report, Yolanda discussed the special regulations for programs that offer 50% or more of their instruction as distance education. Further information suggests that the regulations, and the state audits, are directed not only toward programs but also toward classes in which 50% or more of the instruction is delivered as distance education. DETAL and IPC must insure that the college includes up-to-date reports of all its distant ed instruction or risk having courses or programs disallowed.


In other words, according to state law, there are different reporting criteria for DE courses and how apportionment is calculated which are outlined in the new Title 5 regulations (Sections 55200, 558003.1, 58006, 58007, 58009, 58051, 58056, 58170).  These reporting data are the responsibility of the district and under district purview and the Senate should follow up with the district to make sure the new guidelines are being followed.  Also these data are specific for any class that is 51% or more DE; they must be reported as DE.  However, section 55206 states that ANY class offering ANY amount as DE (not including the occasional online assignment) must follow a district approved course approval process that is specific for DE.  The big issues here are accountability for the online portion of the course and regular effective contact between the instructor and student.  In other words the curriculum committee has to have a separate set of approval procedures in place for ANY class that offers any portion of instruction as DE (NOT only for classes 50% or more, but ANY portion).  


Vice President. Patrick Kelly: Patrick expressed his concerns about the latest Swinerton report. One problem is that, apparently, an MOU is going to the Board in November that agrees to having Bolinas citizens take control of the Bolinas Lab and giving unfettered use to COM. The Bolinas faculty knows nothing about this agreement. Another problem is that the report says that agreements have been made about furniture and fixtures for the Science Center, yet no faculty members have been notified, and there has been no discussion.


Treasurer. Ron Gaiz: None.


Curriculum Committee. Derek Wilson: The CC approved five courses and reviewed seventeen. Also the Committee agreed to designate the last few minutes of every meeting to a discussing enrollment ramifications with Bob Balestreri, Dean of Enrollment Services. In answer to an inquiry about outdated classes, Derek reported that departments are sending in requests to delete old courses.


Academic StandardsRinetta Early:  Students are still getting inconsistent messages at admissions windows. The office needs a central information system and the clerks should have daily retraining. Perhaps there might be a frequently updated FAQ available with the correct answers to students’ questions.


Community Education. Erika Harkins: None.


IV. Action Items: Change to Agenda Format.

a)    Amendment: Consent or Vote by Senate on a Member’s Suggested Inclusion on Upcoming Agenda. Approved

b)    By-Law Revision to Include Member’s Suggestion for Items on Upcoming Agenda.   Approved                    


The Senate agenda will be modified to include a heading titled “New Business” during which time senators might introduce legitimate new business to be included on the next meeting agenda. The Senate will vote on whether or not to accept the suggested agenda item and on where it is placed on the agenda.


V. Discussion

      a) Emergency Hires Procedure. Yolanda Bellisimo: Throughout the state, community

    college Academic Senates have been lax in monitoring equivalency requirements for

part time faculty. COM’s problem is particularly complicated because of our two different hiring procedures, one for emergency hires and one for the part time pool. We must rewrite our procedures so that there is only one procedure for hiring part time faculty, which may or may not include an interview, and one process for vetting credentials. The procedure must include a clear process for determining equivalencies.  Yolanda will review a variety of part time hiring procedures and bring a recommendation to the Senate for a uniform procedure.


b) AP 4021–Revitalization and Discontinuance. Derek Wilson and Yolanda Bellisimo: VP Martinez agreed to the Senate’s suggested language and that a revitalization procedure is “not to exceed two years”. Approved


c) IT Problems-Banner. Ratnakar Nanavaty, IT Director, Marshall Northcott: In answer to Senate questions, Ratnakar Nanavaty reported that

§                IT will discuss with Al Harrison the importance of buying a server designated for program review. 

§                Part of the counselors' problem with accessing students’ records has been solved. For example, counselors can now print out the unofficial transcript. However, the counselors still can’t see some important information that is stored on the old HP system. IT will attempt to merge the two systems.

§                Someday it will be possible to automatically flag students who are eligible for graduation. We can’t do that now because such a service demands that the computer contain all graduation requirements, as well as all student records.

§                IT needs more staff but is competing with all the other areas that need staff so is unlikely to add people for a while.

§                Now, when a student tries to sign up on line for a class that has a prerequisite, the student gets a message that says he/she is unable to complete registration. IT will rewrite this message so that it is more encouraging and so that the student understands what to do next.


V. Public Requests to Address the Senate on Non-Agenda Items


John Sutherland: John presented the Senate with a petition signed by 28 faculty members. The petition called on the Senate to demand that the college investigate the origin and intention of a list of  “evil faculty” that was distributed anonymously a few weeks ago.


VI. Adjournment: 2:00 PM


For questions or information concerning the Academic Senate, please contact Carol Adair: X7367





October 23, 2008


1.      Athletic Program Presentation to the Board of Trustees

          The president has agreed that Robert Kennedy and Matt Markovich should do a presentation of the athletic department proposed program changes and the way that Robert’s research has influenced a new look at this program (not to mention the impact of an academically committed athletic director).  This presentation will take place at the November 11th board meeting.


2.      Second Reminder:  Program Review Training and Due-Date Change

Derek Wilson and Kathleen Kirkpatrick have planned a follow up workshop for Friday, November 7 in BC 102 from 10:00-2:00pm.  We will have the data packets for participants at that training. Due to the hold-up in the data packets and the need to schedule a second workshop, the due date for program reviews has been changed to 11/21.


3.      4225 Course Repetition

After this procedure was approved last week we found a wording glitch in the first paragraph.  Rinetta and I agreed with Anita to fix the wording to match Title 5.  We took the labels for grades directly from Title 5 (D,F,FW,NP, or NC) so it changed the order around and removed the unnecessary W, which is addressed in the second paragraph.  It doesn’t change the meaning of the procedure, just the order in which the grades are listed, so Rinetta and I agreed to the change.  Please let me know if you would like to see a copy of the change.


4.      Draft Agenda for Next Week

          I am leaving right after the Senate meeting tomorrow to fly to Oregon to meet my new grandniece Emma Rae (love the name!).  I’d like to firm up the agenda for next week at the end of the meeting tomorrow just in case my efforts to email a draft agenda fail.  I will be home by Sunday night in case you have last minute changes to the agenda before it goes out on Monday morning.


5.      WASC Evaluation Team

          I have been invited by ACCJC to serve on an evaluation team for East Los Angeles College.  The evaluation will take place in the spring and the team I’m on will be making a visit to East Los Angeles College in February.  I hope this experience helps us know what to do and not do for our own WASC visit.  Otherwise, I can’t imagine why I would want to do this.


6.      DETAL Audit

          Win, Blaze and I attended a ACCJC self study training at San Jose City College last Friday and one issue that came up caught all three of us by surprise.  Apparently there are special regulations for programs that offer 50% or more of the program as distance ed or off site.  An example of this would be some program as small as a four-course fire science program in which two courses are distance ed.  The Department of Education audits this because they can withdraw student aid if these programs are not reported.  I asked Win to report this to DETAL so that DETAL can include an audit of this in the report it is currently preparing.  Win will also locate a definition of “program” as it is being used by DOE.