Academic Senate Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 10, 2007
12:45 -2:00 pm
Student Service Building,
Conference Rooms A & B

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, Hank Fearnley, Ron Gaiz, Erika Harkins, Arthur Lutz, Radica Portello, David Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, John Sutherland, Blaze Woodlief

Senators Absent: 
Theo Fung, Deborah Graham, Sheri Rollison

Guests: B. Blackman, Hoa Long Tam, Sara McKinnon, Linda Beam

Approval of Agenda & Minutes  

Motion made to approve the agenda
Motion made to approve the minutes
Officers’ Reports

The President reported the following:
Standing Reports

Curriculum Committee

Community Education
Technology Committee
Action Items

Ratify Senate Election Results
MOU on Program Review
Discussion Items

Board Policy for Technology Replacement Plan
Cell Phone/Electronic Device Guidelines
Report of Ad Hoc Committee, Petitions Committee Policy
Student Fees for printing in Labs & Library

Requests to Address the Senate on Non-Agenda Items
Meeting adjourned at 2:03
Minutes submitted by Schreck