Academic Senate Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 5, 2007
12:45 -2:00 pm
Student Service Building,
Conference Rooms A & B

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, Theo Fung, Ron Gaiz,
Deborah Graham,  Erika Harkins, Patrick Kelly, Arthur Lutz,  David Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, John Sutherland

Senators Absent: 
Hank Fearnley, Radica Portello, Sheri Rollison, Blaze Woodlief

Approval of Agenda & Minutes    

Motion made to approve the agenda
Motion made to approve the minutes
Officers’ Reports

The President reported the following:
The Vice President reported the following:
The Treasurer reported the following:
Standing Reports

Curriculum Committee

Academic Standards Committee
Budget Committee

Action Items

Retreat Rights Policy Revisions
District Furnish Locked Mailboxes

Senator Lutz made the following motion with three parts:
Improve Mailroom Security
No Censorship of Mail
Discussion Items

Bolinas Lab

Guest Speaker: Joe Mueller

Joe Meuller asked the AS for support and help with the Bolinas Marine Lab issue. President White has appointed Dr. Soloman, head of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory as head of the Bolinas without asking for input from faculty.  White has also approved of taking funds from the Al Molina endowment for Bolinas to pay Dr. Soloman for his time.
The money ear-marked for heading the task force is approximately $20,000-$30,000, yet there are community leaders who would perform this task on a volunteer basis. The concern is that these types of decisions, like how to best spend the money from the endowment fund and how to raise more money for the Bolinas Project should be discussed among all of the members of the Task Force; further, the Task Force leader and the Administration should consider the expertise of faculty who work in the Bolinas Lab,  who have raised money for the Lab, and who have guided students into careers as a result of learning in this lab, into account when making decisions concerning the Bolinas Lab.

Further concerns with how the money from the endowment is being handled has arisen. First, this endowment money for the Bolinas Marine Lab was raised by faculty and is being spent by Administration, without faculty input. 
Second, the funding has not gone through the budget committee. Third, requests for use of this money (since 1996) for classroom purposes has not been  granted, but the money was taken for the head of the task force, without faculty consultation. Finally, the money for the endowment seems to be shifting to different accounts. Margaret Elliot may have information about how this fund was handled.

Other concerns surrounding the Bolinas Lab
Another include the erroneous statements that have been given to the press regarding how many students the lab serves and other misinformation. Meuller has written a feasibly report that has been given to the Board and to President White which outlines the details of the Bolinas Lab accurately.

The feasibility report (written in 2001) includes the following data:
This issue of the Bolinas Lab has been on hold for two years with promises to convene a task force. Fundraising efforts should have already already started.

A resolution was already adopted at a past faculty at large meeting.
The AS discussed the need to update the resolution regarding the Marine Lab and circulate it through the faculty once again.

The AS discussed the need for the The Task Force to develop ideas about programming first, and then look at realities of facilities and how to fix the most necessary problems.

The AS requested a brief version of the feasibility report to get it to the public in a format that  can be used to publicize this problem.

Senator Schreck made the following motion: "The AS recommends that Joe Mueller serve as head of the Bolinas Task force and that all funds spent on the make-up of the Task Force be put on hold until the Task Force with Joe Meuller as head--can convene."
Requests to Address the Senate on Non-Agenda Items
Meeting adjourned at 2:00
Minutes submitted by Schreck