Academic Senate Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 1, 2007
12:45 -2:00 pm
Student Service Building,
Conference Rooms A & B

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, Hank Fearnley, Theo Fung, Ron Gaiz, Deborah Graham, Erika Harkins, Patrick Kelly, Arthur Lutz, Radica Portello, David Rollison, Sheri Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, John Sutherland, Blaze Woodlief

Senators Absent:  Ingrid Schreck

Approval of Agenda & Minutes    

Motion made to approve the agenda
Motion made to approve the minutes
Officers’ Reports

The President reported the following:
A discussion of department chair elections and concerns about collegial consultation and the reconfiguration of departments ensued.

Senators came to a consensus and agreed that the AS should state to the Administration that the AS supports the elections held between now and the 9th should be held in the current departments as configured, pending a sidebar from UPM that would allow for special elections if departments are re-configured. The department elections held should be under faculty control.

President Bellisimo agreed to contact the uPM and the Administration about the Senate's wishes.
The Vice President reported the following:
Senator D. Rollison requested information on the procedure for DE students to take tests. A memo went out to faculty explaining the procedures.

Senator Fung requested that President Bellisimo follow up on DE student support services. President Bellisimo stated that she will urge the Administration to move forward on the DE Faculty Liaison Position to better support DE students and the DE program and that this item will be placed on a future agenda.

The Treasurer reported the following:
Standing Reports

Curriculum Committee

Academic Standards Committee
Community Education
Discussion Items

Administrators’ Evaluations
Committee Appointments Procedure
Requests to Address the Senate on Non-Agenda Items
Meeting adjourned at 2:00
Minutes submitted by Blaze Woodlief and Ingrid Schreck