1)   I met with Carmel and she looked through the work we needed done and determined it would take 6 to 8 hours to complete the tasks we need done.  In addition, I asked her if, after the clean up work was done, she could collect the rotation policies from the departments and start a policy binder for us.  She agreed to do that once we complete the initial cleaning and organization of our files.  She will begin on Thursday.  Next week we will need an action item to pay her for (no more than) 8 hours.  We’ll come back to request additional hours after the initial work is done.


2)   IPC formed a subcommittee to write new policy/procedures for the Petitions Committee.  Anita Martinez will serve on the committee from IPC.  In addition to student representation, the remaining members on the writing group will come from the Academic Standards Committee.  Members of AS will be asked to volunteer and I will speak with Rinetta to make sure we have strong faculty representation on the writing group.  Changes in the policy/procedures will go through the governance system, including the senate.


3)   Changes to the modernization plan will be rolled out at next week’s BOT meeting including changes to the Math & Science building.  It is likely that the board will have to significantly modify plans for the Gateway project or its plans to make the new buildings 50% energy independent through the use of solar energy. 


4)   Patrick and I are meeting with Anita Martinez on Friday to talk about the testing center issues and the faculty computer/office technology inventory and roll over plan.  We are advocating a thorough inventory of office technology and the creation of a roll over plan that can go to the budget committee for permanent funding – rather than waiting for computers to break down and then scrambling to “find” the money to replace them.  We are also working on acquiring funding for replacing the computers students use in the library.


5)   The Budget Committee discussed the problem of not having an operating reserve and its effect on emergency needs.  The committee is considering long term needs and long term strategic planning – five years out - to budget for such things as increasing or expanding programs, building and technology improvements.  The committee has also asked to have the BOT ad hoc budget group meet with the chair of the Budget Committee (Robert Kennedy) to share their vision and thinking about budget goals and planning.


6)   IPC and the pilot group for program review will begin work on a program review workbook that will include prompts and timelines for navigating through the program review process.