February 7, 2007




Academic Standards Committee




The following draft was sent to Theo for input before it is sent Turner requesting AP Credit for classes taught in his department:




TO:                 Walter Turner, Dept Chair                                     SUBJECT:  AP Credit Request

FROM:           Academic Standards Committee               DATE:



At the request of the Academic Senate, the Academic Standards Committee is in the process of updating College of Marin Advanced Placement (AP) credit offerings. In general, a score of 3 or higher is usually required to receive credit for AP tests. The department decides how many units, if any should be awarded to a student who has met the 12 unit residence requirement Students do not receive grades in courses when using AP credit to fulfill requirements. AP test results may also be used for placement into certain courses.


Your department currently has the following AP Course equivalency:


History:  Students with APT scores of 3 or higher may file a petition for credit for History 117 and 118 (6 units) after successfully completing 12 units at college of Marin.


If you want to grant AP credit to satisfy subject, graduation and general education requirements in particular POLS 101 and ECON 101 &102 or other courses taught in your area please let me know, as soon as possible




Political Science


Students scoring a 3 on the AP Exam will be allowed 3 semester units equivalent to the POLS 101 course offered at COM.  This score also satisfies CSU GE D-8 Political Science, Government and Legal Institutions requirement and U.S. and California State Constitution/Government requirement for graduation.  The score will also satisfy a course in IGETC Area 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences.




If this format is OK, it will be revised to request AP credit for the following Dept Chairs.  I am hoping to send them out by weeks end.  A copy will be forwarded to AS.

David Egert, Tara Flandreau,  Jennifer Loeser, Paul Christensen and John Jacob.


ASC Report                                                                                                               Page 2





Petition Review Committee



  1. Met with 4 students:  3 Petitions to Return, all petitions were approved.

          1 Petition to Carry Extra Units, petition denied units and  

              the student will remain in 18 units. 


  1. Dismissed student data:  Over the years, the number of students on Dismissal status has dropped from 600 to 200 for last semester.


  1.  Outcome of meeting with Anita:


With regards to over ridding the committee’s decision and approving the student for 3 additional units, she made a snap decision based on the information she was given by that student and will not do it again.  Also, had she known these units could not have been appealed; the student would not have been awarded additional units.  Despite the mistake, student will remain in 6 units. 


Another appeals procedures needs to be established quickly for petitions that can be appealed. The current procedure allows students to appeal in writing to the Dean of Enrollment Services and the Academic Senate.  Anita says that the Brown Act & FERPA prevents this and a person on the Committee voting or non- voting can not be apart of the appeals procedure.  She will bring this to the attention of Fran and Yolanda.



Report submitted by Rinetta Early, Chair