DRAFT: Academic Senate Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 2, 2006

12:45 -2:00 pm

Student Service Building,

Conference Rooms A & B


Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, Hank Fearnley, Theo Fung, Ron Gaiz, Deborah Graham, Erika Harkins, Patrick Kelly, Arthur Lutz, Radicia Portello, David Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, John Sutherland, Blaze Woodlief


Senators Absent: Sheri Rollison


Guests: Bernie Blackman,  Hoa-Long Tam, David Snyder, SaraMcKinnon, Toni Yoshioka, Ian Walton (ASCCC), Conor Johnston, Matt Fluke, Seanna Veelarreal, Letta Hlavachek (20 min.), V-Anne Chernock, Karla Lutz 


Senator Schreck moves to suspend the rules and discuss the Academic standards issues first


Senator Lutz moved to move agenda item f--Bylaws change for agenda & minutes--up to item a.  


Approval of Agenda & Minutes     

Motion to approve the minutes


Academic Standards Committee Report:

·       Asked the AS to recommend to the Administration that they reinstate Dean of Enrollment Services to the committee

·       If students do not maintain a grade of “C” or better at midterm, they are not allowed to continue in the class and many petition the committee.

·       If the Dean is not on the committee then the students will need to come to the AS to hear their appeals.


AS Pres will write a letter from the AS to endorse the recommendation of the committee.

A copy will be sent to the Senate and to the Academic Standards Committee.


AS  will look into enrollment deadlines and extensions to resolve the late add issue.


Motion made to approve the agenda


Officers’ Reports


President’s Report:


Senator Fung requests that “the responsibilities of constituent representatives (page 12) be placed as a discussion item on next week's AS meeting.”


Vice President’s Report:


Senator Sutherland requests that a discussion item be included about modernization on a future agenda.


Treasurer’s Report:

·       The Treasurer stated she would like to find out how many units the AS uses.


Secretary’s Report

·       The secretary reported on the sessions attended at the AS State-wide conference. A written report will be available and included as an attachment to the minutes.

·       The secretary recommends that a future agenda item include the new graduation requirements for Math and English which will take effect in fall of 2009.

·       The motion for a request for records was withdrawn since the former AS officers have provided a partial record of minutes, agendas, and bank records. The secretary requests that the former officers work with the current officers and forward any other public records that surface that have not yet been submitted.

·       A copy of the audio tape dated October 12 is now available and has been archived with the other audio tapes in the AS office.


Standing Reports

Curriculum Committee

·         A written report was submitted.


Community Education

·         No report


Technology Committee

·         The committee is discussing a roll-over plan for computers that meets the vision of the committee and that meets the needs of faculty since these types of technology decisions drive instruction.

·         A Faculty Liaison position for Distance Education has been approved by the Board and is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2007. This position was originally a recommendation from the Technology Committee to fill a need to coordinate the Distance Education program and drive instructional technology planning.


Action Items

Committee Appointments

·       The AS President asked AS for consent of Senators for the slate of candidates presented to the AS.

·       Senator’s consent to AS President’s slate of committee appointments.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm

Minutes submitted by Schreck