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Academic Senate
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Academic Senate Minutes for meeting on September 07, 2006 at 12:45 pm in Conference Rooms A & B in the Student Services Building.

Senators Present:

Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, Hank Fearnley, Theo Fung, Ron Gaiz, Deborah Graham, Erika Harkins, Patrick Kelly, Arthur Lutz, Radicia Portello, David Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, Blaze Woodlief.

Senators Absent:

John Sutherland, Sheri Rollison


Bernie Blackman, Jim Garieghty, Michael Brailoff, TC (Echo Times), Peggy Dodge

Senator Lutz:

  • Motion—To include to the pres evaluation issue in today’s agenda
  • Discussion of adding items to agenda
  • Motion was lost

1. Call to Order

Approval of Minutes:

  • Motion to approve minutes dated May 18
  • Motion adopted after discussion
  • Motion to suspend minutes dated August 31
  • Motion adopted after discussion

2. President Reported:

  • Announcements to all faculty will go out via e-mail
  • Volunteers for signage subcommittee needed for modernization project
  • CoM is now a member Phi Beta Kappa International Honor Society; student with 12 units and a 3.5 GPA may join
  • Pres & VP will now be attending Management Council meetings as was done in the past so communication with Faculty can be improved
  • Fernando Aguedelo Silva who was appointed chair of Facilities Planning to replace Bill Abright
  • Ron Gaiz has been appointed to the budget committee
  • AS officers will meet with the classified senate and other representatives of  the classified union
  • The bylaws indicate a different agenda format, using action items and discussion items rather than new items old items; a template for senate consideration will be brought next week.
  • According to bylaws two members are needed on CoM foundation; Senator Bellisimo will contact Margaret Elliot for clarification

3. Vice President Reported:

  • Chair of Math department, coordinator of Math lab and Dean of Math & Science have worked out a solution to Math lab issue. They reported that a specialist will be hired for 35 hours, 5 days a week for Kentfield and 2 1/2 days a week at IVC.
  • Testing Office is currently working with a Senate task force to find a solution to accommodate DE and placement testing.
  • A process for selecting architects for the modernization project has been established and faculty participation is encouraged.
  •  AS office is ready & drop in hours will be announced.
  • Global e-mail account will be implemented; the global e-mail is designed to reach all faculty, including part-timers, in order to reach faculty who are not currently on the Listserv.

4. Treasurer Reported:

  • AS has $2,464.55 in the budget account
  • No response from Julian regarding $10,000 in budget. AS treasurer does not have access to the roll-over funds shown in the budget account.

5. Standing Reports

  • Chair of Curriculum Committee reported via written report since Chair had a time conflict.
    • President will ask that the Curriculum Committee Chair appoint someone to report to AS in person to answer questions
    • Chair reports that representatives are needed from the following areas:
      • Behavioral Sciences
      • Communications
      • English/Humanities
      • ESL
      • Fine and Visual Arts
      • Library
      • Math
      • Performing Arts
      • Physical Ed/Health
      • Social Sciences
      • Physical Sciences
      • Modern Languages
    • Committee members may serve either in a Tech review group or committee sessions which requires less attendance—every other Monday.
  • Academic Standards Reported
    • Motion: To extend the add date 2 weeks past the first census pending clarification & senate release of liability
      • Motion adopted after discussion
  • Community Education reported that a revision of CoM board policy 3.0030 submitted by ACES, governance proposal 176-05-06 was presented to AS.

6. Old Business:

  • Clarification of Budget was discussed. Status of budget should be placed on a future agenda as a discussion item.
  • Discussion of Treasurer’s term of office was discussed
    • Senator Bonander made a motion that the current treasurer serves until May 2007 and the next office of treasurer is for one year only in order to bring the office back into compliance with bylaws.
      • Motion adopted after discussion
      • Discussion of the status of retreat rights policy was deferred to a future agenda.
      • Goal setting forms were submitted and President reported that she will compile the forms.
  • Guest Speaker: Michael Brailoff reports on the most recent draft of the Program Review portion of the EMP.
    •   The Effectiveness document will be placed as an action item on the upcoming agenda.


Meeting adjourned at 2:05

Minutes submitted by Schreck

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