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Academic Senate
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Academic Senate Minutes for Special meeting on August 24, 2006

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Barbara Bonander, TheoFung, Hank Fearnley, Deborah Graham, Erika Harkins, Radicia Portello, David Rollison, Ingrid Schreck, John Sutherland, Sheri Rollison, Pat Kelly, Ron Gaiz, Arthur Lutz, Blaze Woodlief,  

Senators Absent:  

Guests: Bernie Blackman, Jim Garieghty, Linda Beam, and others.  

Presidents Report:   David Rollison reported on notable events of the summer. 

  • There were questions on Modernization.
  • Hired Marty Faslier of Robert Bezemek’s Law Firm to research faculty rights vis-à-vis Prop. 39 and Title 5.  Marty informed David that this is the first time a situation such as this has been looked into.  Conclusion-within the CoM internal governance system there is a built-in conduit for the faculty voice regarding Prop. 39.
  • Collegial consultation is still a problem and the Administration and BoT view it differently. The BoT has to rely primarily on faculty unless the faculty position places the College in jeopardy.  A lack of regard of this is seen in the Testing Center example.
  • At Tuesday’s BoT meeting they will be adopting the final budget without faculty input for the third year in a row.  

Treasurers Report:   $2,348.55 in the checking account with a few outstanding bills to be paid.  

Vote for President Vice President and Secretary.  

  • David Rollison stated that remuneration for President is in the form of teaching units:  6 units for President.  Since Hank Fearnley was President the split has been Pres. 4 and VP 2.  Duties are to go to the BoT meetings, bi-monthly meeting along with AS VP with the President, College Council meetings with the AS VP and Sec., sit on Shared Governance Committees, sit on IPC, Budget Committee, communicate information to Senate and faculty-at-large.
  • VP: newsletter.
  • Sec. 2 units: Minutes of meeting and distribution of minutes, website, Senate Archives (minutes, agendas, by-laws)  

Nominations for President: 

  • David Rollison HF/SR
  • Yolanda Bellisimo  RG/BB  
  • Arthur asked for candidates statements.  
  • David Rollison stated he was reluctant to lead the Senate if the AS didn’t back his ideas and statements as previously stated.
  • Yolanda Bellisimo stated she was an elder of the faculty and wanted to leave a legacy when she left in terms of young faculty.  Staying the course and want to provide them with a vibrant and fun place to work.   Need change but not back to the Middleton era.  Proactive Senate, participation, a need to get more efficient, waist time with things that can be done quickly to leave time for Program Review.  Proactive, goal setting, data collection, wants faculty to play offence.  
  • David Rollison- We wouldn’t be talking about Title 5 if it weren’t for the AS of the last three years.   Yolanda Bellisimo-8 David Rollison-7   It is a two year term for Pres. VP and Sec.  

Nominations for Vice President:

  • Pat Kelly BW/RG
  • Theo Fung AL/HF
  • Pat Kelly- statement to come.
  • Theo Fung- Recounted a story of a Management retreat where dinosaurs were passed out and it was said “See that dinosaur and see it disappear?”  Have been apart of many committees, can fill in history especially with the new Administration with no history.  Support Yolanda.  
  • Arthur Lutz stated Pat Kelly was a probationary employee and that being AS VP could place him in an adversarial situation between faculty and Administration. 
  • Arthur asked if Pat would be venerable if he took a stance in opposition to the Administration.   Pat responded that in an ideal world that wouldn’t be a problem but it could be.  He stated his evaluations have been strong and he believed in the grievance process.  
  • Yolanda said she isn’t on governance committees.  
  • Arthur stated that with the new Administrative mantra of ‘Students First” Theo was in touch with students.  
  • Theo said she is loyal to faculty but that she does get to hear student’s issues.  
  • Pat Kelly- 8 Theo Fung- 7  

Nominations for Secretary:

  • Ingrid Schreck  BB/EH  
  • 8 pro
  • 7 no vote or abstentions  
  • Yolanda stated these would be two year terms and will end June 30, 2008. 
  • May 2008 will have to have elections for new officers.  
  • Meeting adjourned: minutes submitted by Deborah Graham  

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