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Academic Senate
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Academic Senate

Minutes for meeting on May 18, 2006 at 12:45 pm in Conference Rooms A & B in the Student Services Building.

Senators Present:

Bellisimo, Bonander, Eskildsen, Fung, Fearnley, Graham, Harkins, Hinds, Langinger, Portello, Priewe, Ritchie, D. Rollison, Schreck, Sutherland 

Senators Absent:



Bernie Blackman, Michael Brailoff, Rinetta Early, James Garieghty, Patrick Kelly, Blaze Woodlief

1 - Agenda:

  • MP/EH   Approved as amended
  • HF/DG Approved

2 - Minutes:

  • JL/HF Approved. One abstention.

3 - President Report:

  • David reported the results of the election:

Senators Re-elected: Ingrid Schreck

Senators newly elected:

  • Ron Gaiz, Arthur Lutz, Patrick Kelly, Blaze Woodlief
  • David thanked everyone on the committee as well as Carmel.
  • David announced that during the second week of the next semester the senate will hold its first meeting and hold elections for the senate office seats which end this term.
  • Yolanda reported on the number of votes, broken down as follows:
  • Part Time Ballots sent 183 returned 75, Non Credit sent 106 returned 27 106 27, Full Time sent 129 returned 100 
  • Hank thanked the committee.
  • Yolanda thanked Deborah and Erika.
  • John Sutherland thanked the senators who were leaving the senate. Harriet Eskildsen, John Hinds, Jeannie Langinger, Matthew M Priewe, A.Joe Ritchie
  • David passed out thank you items to various senators leaving the senate.
  • David announced the names for faculty and staff appreciation awards submitted according to the published process. Those who received the most nominations would receive the award. They are as follows:
  • Full Time Faculty-- Jeannie Langinger
  • Part Time Faculty-- Yolanda Van Ecke
  • Non Credit Faculty --Sara Mc Kinnon
  • Classified Staff --Jo Ellen Fitzgerald
  • The senate voted to accept these award winners. One abstension
  • David addressed the confusion regarding the evaluation of managers. He pointed out that the Senate may hold an evaluation separate from the process that the President presented to the Senate. Anyone who wished to participate in the President’s proposed process should so do.
  • IPC and Budget committees have held their last meetings. Other committees will not meet during the summer.
  • Program review will be revisited by IPC, but Anita and David discussed that it would not be used to reduce programs. Additionally the EMP needs further review and the section IV needs to be added.
  • Academic Senate Minutes for May 18, 2006
  • A petition presented to David, regarding the reinstatement of the Part Time Instructor who was denied a seat, was read. The senate debated the issue. 

Motion: HF/JF The senate rejects the petition and reaffirms the previous senate decision. Approved One abstention

5 - Agenda item:

  • Joe Mueller and Fernando Agudelo-Silva presented information regarding an on going effort on the part of faculty to develop an environmental science program. The units were not available in the past. Recently the faculty has been told they might have units available. The department has been working on the issue and program for many years and wishes to make the Senate aware of the history.
  • Joe also made an announcement that the Bolinas lab can be used during the summer. A task force will be formed to revisit the issue.
  • David suggested that Joe and Fernado review the stated goals in the EMP and reference them in the formal development of issues related to the future program development.
  • John S. pointed out that the Senate should review the development of the units for such a program.
  • Hank asked if the program review would be a process that would look to this kind of issue. Anita responded that the issue should be developed through the Senate’s oversight committees. She agreed that administrators should be supportive of such development.
  • David did get a response from the union’s legal council. The union reviewed the request to have him issue a statement regarding the involvement of the Faculty in the modernization process. It should be available in the summer or fall.

6 – Vice-President Report:

  • John reported on the previous board meeting at which the enrollment task force report was questioned and perhaps misunderstood.
  • He reported that David requested a response to the “Faculty Senate-at-Large Meeting” resolution previously presented to the board.
  • John S. reported that Michael Brailoff presented the IPC with what could be a part of section IV of the EMP for the faculty role in assessment. He recommended that each group could present a similar type proposal to IPC.
  • The governance system review and evaluation will be presented to the faculty and staff next fall.

7 – Treasurers Report:

  • Deborah No change.

8 – Academic standards:

  • No report

9 – Curriculum Committee:

  • Jeannie reported that course review will take place during a voluntary meeting during finals week.

10 – Community Educations:

  • Erika reported that they will have a party for Sandy Roberts who is leaving the College.
  • She discussed the award for the community Ed faculty and some confusion regarding the process.

11 – EMP:

  • No report.

12 – Technology Committee:

  • Ingrid reported that David Kern reported that the inventory group would be disposing equipment and need information and lists. No process for reuse has been identified.
  • Yolanda asked about the change in the college FQDN. She asked if it would require any effort on the part of individuals. David understood that it would be done by IT and updating business cards was the only future issue to be handled by individuals.
  • John S. asked about the various wireless installations that have been done and if the committee had been involved in the process. Ingrid stated that the IVC presence was developed for MSAT and the other was for the demos of the ERP. John H. pointed out that MSAT developed its own.
  • Ingrid stated that she was informed that the committee could advise, with recommendations only to the various committees, and that administration would make the implementation decisions.

13 –

  • David requested that the Senate amend the agenda to remove the training and SLO issues. The senate agreed.

14 – Agenda item on cell phones.

  • Mike Ransom brought the issue of the use of cell phones as a device to assist students in taking tests. Discussion ensued.
  • Yolanda recommended a task force to develop a policy and present it to the Senate.
  • Hank pointed out that he had a no use of electronic equipment during exams as a policy.
  • John H. pointed out that it would be important to have a written policy for testing and the use of electronic devices, so the faculty could relay on the District policy to back up the in class testing procedure.
  • David suggested that it might be a sub-committee of technology.

15 – Agenda item on Student cheating:

  • John S. reviewed an event regarding a student and an accusation that the student cheated on an exam administered in the testing office.  A committee was formed according to policy and reviewed the issue and determined that the student did not cheat on the exam.  Arthur Lutz had brought this issue to the senate’s attention previously.  The decision was overturned by the Dean of Enrollment Services.
  • Johns question to the Senate is if the Senate wishes to continue advocating having a participatory position on this review panel or discontinuing its role. He read from the policy and pointed out it was quite clear that the panel had the final ruling in the matter.
  • Jeannie wanted to be sure that the issue of the students ability to continue in the program as an allegation was being determined to be true or not. She wanted this to be fair for the student. She recommended future revisions in the procedure to protect the students place in the program.
  • Hank added that the Senate should consider action regarding the overturning of the panel’s decision.
  • Anita asked to have a chance to work with the Senate on this issue.
  • Hank also wanted to consider how to return the student to the position held prior to the allegation.
  • Motion: HF/DG The senate protests the action of the Dean and to have the Senate President and Vice-President work with Anita to review the issues surrounding this and develop recommendations. Approved
  • Barbara announced that Sara Mckinnon declined the award and recommended the candidate brought by Erika receive the award, Marty Meade.

16 – Meeting adjourned:

  • minutes submitted by Hinds

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