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Credit/Noncredit Class Schedule - Spring 2010
This schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Evening classes are shaded.

Credit/Noncredit Class Schedule - Spring 2010

credit courses

Spring Semester Starts January 25 - May 28, 2010

Continuing students may register starting November 24, 2009
New and readmit students may register starting December 15, 2009
Last day to register in-person is February 11, 2010
Last day to register online is February 15, 2010

At the College of Marin Kentfield Campus, students can learn more about major political developments in the Middle East by enrolling in our new class titled The Middle East: A Political Perspective or explore computer programming by enrolling in Introduction to Computer Programming. There are hundreds of classes to choose from. The Kentfield Campus is located at 835 College Ave., in Kentfield.

For more information about class listings refer to the spring schedule of classes.

Students living in the Novato area who are planning to transfer to a four-year university can now enroll in several classes that satisfy transfer requirements at the Indian Valley Campus (IVC). This semester the IVC Campus is featuring several core transfer courses, including Interpersonal Communication and Introduction to Logic. Also, for students interested in developing their artistic abilities, IVC is featuring a Drawing and Composition 1 class this fall. IVC is located at 1800 Ignacio Blvd., in Novato. For more information about spring classes at IVC click here.

Due to budget cuts many community colleges in the Bay area have announced that they are cutting classes from their fall schedules. This fall, despite the economic downturn, College of Marin will not eliminate classes from its fall 2009 schedule that meet minimum enrollment requirements.

Students also should note that the California legislature recently raised enrollment fees to $26 per unit. Financial aid is available to eligible students. For information about financial aid call (415) 485-9409.

Attending College of Marin for the first two-years of your four-year degree or for job training is still a great deal when compared to the cost of attending four-year universities.

Comparative Fees Fee history

Fees for 2010-11 full time enrollment  

  • CA Community College   $780 (30 units at $26 per unit)
  • CA State University        $4,827
  • University of California   $8,720 

Fiscal Year   Fee (per unit)

  • 1984 –85  $5*
  • 1991-92   $6
  • 1993-94   $10
  • 1994-95   $13
  • 1998-99   $12
  • 1999-00   $11
  • 2003-04   $18
  • 2004-05   $26
  • 2006-07   $20
  • 2009        $26

*Prior to 1984, community colleges charged no fee

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