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Contest Your Citation

How to Request a Citation Dismissal

Administrative Review Procedure

In 1993, new legislation decriminalized parking violations, which are now considered civil penalties. The system for adjudicating parking violations is now totally civil. The following points of law are important if you choose to contest a parking violation:

  1. The actual parking citations or copy thereof is considered prima facie evidence of the facts contained on the citation. Therefore, the issuing official is not required to appear in the case of a hearing.
  2. Under criminal law, the burden of proof was beyond a reasonable doubt. That burden no longer exists. The civil burden, a preponderance of evidence, now applies.
    Should you choose to contest a parking citation, the following process applies:
  3. You must file an Administrative Review with the Marin Parking Authority, within 21 days after the citation was issued or within 15 days of the date of the notice of delinquent parking violation. The Administrative Review can be filed online at or you may mail a written appeal to:
    Marin Parking Authority
    Citation Processing Center
    PO Box 10479
    Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479
    (Include Your License Plate and/or Citation Number)
  4. An administrative review will be conducted and you will be notified by mail of the results of the review. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing, during the process the fine will not increase.  If you are found guilty of the violation you will have 21 days to pay the citation.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the review, you have 15 days from the date of the letter regarding your administrative review to request a hearing.
  6. In order to schedule a hearing, you must post the full fine amount and request a hearing.
  7. You will be notified by mail of the date scheduled for your hearing.
  8. If you do not agree with that hearing examiner's decision, you may, within 20 days of the mailing of the hearing examiner's decision, request a civil review with the County Municipal Court, Civil Division. The Court requires a $25.00 filing fee deposit for review of the hearing examiner's decision.

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General Reasons that Violations Won't Be Dismissed

Below are some commonly listed reasons given for violating parking regulations. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address the laws of the State and the College. These reasons generally will not result in the violations being dismissed, or the violator being successful in a hearing.

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Why Police Can't Take Back a Citation

Legal Limitations

In 1987, the California Legislature enacted a law (40202c CVC) which made it a misdemeanor for any peace officer, including the issuing officer, to alter, conceal, modify, nullify, or destroy any notice of parking violation once it was issued. The law did provide a means for the issuing officer to recommend dismissal of parking citations under specified circumstances.


P.O.C. Stands for "Proof of Correction." All parking lots of the Marin Community College District are publicly maintained roadways, and all California Vehicle Codes are enforceable. If you receive a citation requiring "Proof of Correction", that portion of the citation is commonly referred to as a "fix it ticket." If you correct the violation, the amount of that violation's fine is reduced to an administrative fee. Presently $10.00.  You must correct the violation, and take the citation and vehicle to any Peace Officer in the state. They will confirm it was corrected and sign off the violation. (Registration or license violations are best corrected and signed off at DMV). After you have signed off that violation, you can send in the administrative fee for that violation (presently $10) and any addition fine for any other violation that may be on the citation.

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