College of Marin Photo Archives

This page will evolve and undergo reorganization as more photographs are added. For now, here is a sampling of ten photographs from the College of Marin Photo Archives.

College of Marin Photo Archives: Introduction

The following photos and captions were prepared by the College of Marin Alumni Historical Committee with the assistance of students in the Multimedia Studies Program and Elmer Jan, College of Marin Librarian.

The Historical Committee was formed by the College of Marin Alumni Association in 1995. The Committee’s mission is to assist the College of Marin Library in preserving and displaying the history of the College. Projects to date include publication of A Handbook of Points of Historical Interest on the Kentfield Campus of College of Marin: In the Beginning, production of a ten-minute video of early College history, and several campus exhibits of photos and memorabilia. College of Marin Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence: 1926-2001, a photojournalistic essay of the College’s history, is scheduled for publication in Fall 2001. Photo displays will be a part of campus events throughout the year.

The Alumni Historical Committee welcomes new members (alumni, faculty, and interested students). We accept donations of photos, yearbooks, or other memorabilia.  Please call the College of Marin Alumni Association office at 485-9686 and leave your name and number if you are interested in receiving further information about the committee or donating historical materials to the College.


Please note: Because the digitized photographs are large .gif files, several minutes are required to download the archive pages with a 56k or slower modem. Thank you for your patience.

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