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Spring 2009 Lecture Series Companion

Professor Dikran J. Martin

Psychology 110 - Introduction to Psychology
Sections: 10609, 10611
Text: Bernstein, Douglas A., et al., (2009). PSYCHOLOGY (Eighth Edition). Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company

Psychology 111- Personality Dynamics and Effective Behavior
Section: 10617
Text: Carver, Charles S. and Scheier, Michael F. (2009), Perspectives on Personality (Sixth Edition). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

Psychology 116- Theories of Personality
Section: 10624
Text: Allen, Bem P. (2006). Personality Theories: Development, Growth and Diversity (Fifth Edition). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

* NOTE: The Lecture Series Companion requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which you may

Chapter Title
What is Psychology?
Neuroscience: The Brain and Behavior
Child Development
Adolescence and Adulthood
Sensation and Perception
Cognitive Psychology
Motivation and Emotion
Personality and Its Assessment
Social Psychology
Stress and Health Psychology
Psychological Disorders
Psychology in Action

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Psychology 111 - Personality Dynamics

View syllabus for Psychology 111

Chapter Title

What is Personality?

How Is Personality Studied and Assessed?

Psychoanalytic Aspects of Personality

Neo-Analytic and Ego Aspects of Personality: Identity

Biological Aspects of Personality

Behaviorist and Learning Aspects of Personality

Cognitive and Social-Cognitive Aspects of Personality

Trait and Skill Aspects of Personality

Humanistic and Existential Aspects of Personality

Person-Situation Interactionist Aspects of Personality

Male-Female Differences

Stress, Adjustment, and Health Differences

Cultural and Ethnic Differences

Love and Hate

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Psychology 116 - Theories of Personality

View syllabus for Psychology 116

Chapter Title
Introduction to Personality Theory

Freud: Classical Psychoanalysis

Jung: Analytical Psychology

Adler: Individual Psychology

Erikson: Psychosocial Development

Horney and Relational Theory: Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Theory

Allport: Personological Trait Theory

Cattell and the Big Five: Factor Analytic Trait Theories

Evolution, Eysenck, Gray, and Others: Biological Theories

Skinner and Staats: The Challenge of Behaviorism

Dollard and Miller: Psychoanalytic Learning Theory

Mischel and Bandura: Cognitive Social Learning Theory

Kelly: Personal Construct Theory

Rogers: Person-Centered Theory

Maslow: Need Hierarchy Theory


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