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my faceI have been teaching full-time in the Biology Department at College of Marin since Fall of 2000.   I received my Ph.D. in 1993 in Neurobiology from the U.C. Berkeley/U.C. San Francisco Joint Program in Bioengineering, with minors in Anatomy/Physiology and Systems & Control Theory.  My undergraduate degree was a B.S. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley.   Over the years, I've held positions ranging from integrated circuit designer to technical writer to neuroscience researcher to inner city high school teacher. I've been teaching Biology in Bay Area community colleges since 1995.  At COM I teach Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Human Sexuality, Nutrition, and General Biology, and continue to pursue research in sensory processing and perception.

I have collaborated with Dr. Michael Silver at U.C. Berkeley studying binocular rivalry - a condition that arises when the left and right eyes are presented with conflicting images. The fact that the subject typically has awareness of only one of the images at a time, even though both images are being fed into the nervous system through the two eyes provides a powerful tool for exploring and trying to understand fundamental questions of perception and what is happening at a neurobiological level when we are consciously aware of a stimulus.