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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
-Mark Twain



Educational Philosophy

Writing and ideas always inspire me--just one of the many reasons why I became an English teacher. I like thinking of teaching as a superpower. Teaching provides me with an opportunity to connect with people, to make a difference in their lives. I feel privileged to be part of the lives of my students and I really want to leave them with something that allows them to recognize their own superpower.

I started my own academic career as a student in a community college and it was there that I discovered a passion for learning and, later,  for teaching. I recognized then and still recognize today the power and need for the community college. An article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled "Community College Changed My Life" adeptly describes the reasons why students find hope in a community college and why teachers are drawn to teaching there:

Community colleges are crammed with the most inspiring people I have ever met. Our students come from around the corner and across continents. They are the boy or girl next door. They are the midlife adult just laid off. They are refugees from war, poverty, substance abuse, or a life of violence. They may have done well in high school, or they may not have completed high school at all.

We all need to get to know those students, not just for their benefit (although there is that), but for our own. Many of them continue to four-year institutions. Others become our nurses, radiology technicians, dental hygienists, automotive technicians, emergency-service personnel, child-care providers, and much more.

To be honest, though, many of them do not go on to their dream careers or to further education. Some drop out because of personal challenges. We lose others because of policies that ignore or diminish their experiences, including a financial-aid system that assumes a student is of the traditional college age, a welfare system that emphasizes low-wage work over education, and a K-12 system that distributes money inequitably to schools.

When we lose students, we also lose out on their unfulfilled potential. Through teaching and writing, I hope to promote discussion about these and other issues affecting community-college students and affecting our community, hence, affecting us all.

Education--in particular, the community college--offers students a new start, new possibilities,  and teaching in a community college provides me with the honor of becoming part of each student's journey to new discoveries, to empowerment and to success. I am privelaged to be part of that process.


Personal Side

I am happy to share that I am a proud mommy to an adorable boy, Finnegan. He truly defines my world, which has changed dramatically since he arrived. My husband, Patrick (photographed here in on our trip to Guatemala), is also a teacher at the College of Marin. We enjoy exploring new family adventures like camping, traveling, reading, and waking up in the middle of the night to chase monsters away.  Oh, and my favorite author continues to be Mark Twain, an inspiration for our son's name since one of my favorite books is Huckleberry Finn.

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