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Student Success

Information about a variety of resources for COM students, such as financial aid, tutoring, counseling, student clubs, etc., can be found at the College of Marin's Student Services page.



A variety of Engineering-related resources for both students and non-students are provided on the Engineering Program Resources page.



This section provides information and links related to sustainable development and sustainability education.

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These are miscellaneous resources that I find indispensable, or in some cases, just too fun to resist.  Each link opens a new window.

Google Earth (

I never go on any trip without first checking out the route and the area here.  It's also a great geography education tool (my daughter loves it), as well as a means for some free vicarious travel.

Phun (

Jättekul (WayCool!)  The product of a Swedish student's M.S. project, this free virtual "physics sandbox" is fun for all ages (another one of my daughter's favorites) and a great way to develop an intuitive sense of mechanics without ever pulling out the Lego set.  The You-tube video that's on the website gives you a good feel for how it works.

Lexin Swedish-English Dictionary (

Hur säger man...?  Granted, this is only essential for those of us with some kind of Swedish-American connection, but there seem to be a lot of us out there.


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