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Professional Experience




College of Marin





Ph.D. Chemical Engineering University of California, Davis, CA

Dissertation:     Physicochemical Aspects of Topical Contraception:

                         Transport Phenomena in Cervical Mucus

M.S. Chemical Engineering University of California, Davis, CA

Chemical Engineering

High Honors

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL



Professional Experience - College of Marin

Professor, Chemistry and Engineering, August 2000 – present. 

Full-time tenure-track faculty member since Aug 2000 (granted tenure in April 2004).  Instructional responsibilities have included various freshman and sophomore level chemistry and engineering courses (more detailed course list below).  Outside the classroom, provided academic guidance to students, wrote recommendation letters, attended departmental meetings, participated in departmental scheduling, budget, & planning, served on college-wide committees, participated in curriculum development and program review.  Additional positions and responsibilities have included:

Program Coordinator (unofficial position), Engineering Program, 2000 – present. 

As the only full-time faculty member in Engineering, have been solely responsible for directing the Engineering Program, including curriculum review and development, laboratory facilities review and maintenance, instructional equipment purchasing, scheduling, budgeting, and outreach.  The outreach efforts included the planning and execution of an Engineering Fair, which brought over 100 high school students, representatives from 7 universities, and representatives from approximately 20 engineering companies, to the College of Marin campus to discuss educational and career opportunities in engineering.

Interim Dean of Math and Sciences, August 2006 – July 2007. 

Provided leadership in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of academic programs and services within a division containing 6 departments (Behavioral Sciences, Life & Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Education & Athletics, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences), in turn composed of 22 academic disciplines.  Directly responsible for managing 115 full-time and part-time faculty, 12 support staff, and a budget of approximately $5 million.  Engaged in a broad range of activities to help support the educational mission of the college, including playing a central role in facilities modernization efforts that included the design of a new 77,000 sq. ft. Math/Science/Nursing complex.

Co-Chair, Physical Science Department, 2002 – 2005. 

Responsible for disciplines of chemistry and engineering within the Physical Science Department.  Duties included:  recruitment, orientation, and management of full-time and part-time faculty; class scheduling; budget; purchasing of instructional equipment; curriculum development; program review; advocacy of departmental priorities to college administration.

Member, Budget Committee, 2005 – 2007. 

Played an active role in developing college-wide budget recommendations, as part of the participatory governance system.

Coordinator, Science Computer Center, 2005 – 2006. 

Coordinated usage of Science Center Computer Lab by faculty and students of 10 math/science disciplines, created budgets and planning for upgrades and replacement of computer hardware and software, provided supervision of Computer Lab Technician in maintenance and repair of hardware and software.

Part-time Instructor, December 1997 – June 2000. 

Responsible for part-time teaching assignments in chemistry and engineering.

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Professional Experience - Other

Independent Professional Consulting

Engineering and Educational Consultant, March 1997 – present.  Provided various services to industry and academia in the areas of process engineering, design, construction, curriculum development, and educational outreach.  Sample projects included:

  • Client: EdVenture Partners/Lockheed Martin Corporation.  Developed a series of 5 activity-based kits for 8 to 11 year-olds to explore various aspects of engineering, to be utilized as part of LMC’s outreach program.
  • Client: Fourth State, Inc., Belmont, CA.  Optimized gas plasma treatment process parameters and chemistries in order to accomplish desired surface modification of materials for client companies in biomedical, computer, aerospace, and textile industries.
  • Client: Design Communications, Ltd.  Provided project management and support services in the design, engineering, and implementation of various architectural/signage projects.

National Park Service, Yosemite, CA

Physical Science Technician (GS6), Resource Mgmt. Div., June 1999 – December 1999.  Conducted environmental sampling (soil and water) and analysis related to landfill, LUST, and water quality monitoring and remediation efforts.  Performed GPS mapping and constructed a GIS database of parkwide environmental sites.  Contributed to development of a smoke management program for prescribed burning within YNP.

Duke University, Durham, NC

Assistant Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering Dept., July 1996 - February 1997.  Continued research on delivery aspects of topical contraception.  Contributed to new research projects investigating spreading and adhesion mechanisms.  Supervised graduate and undergraduate student researchers.  Co-instructed undergraduate course in transport phenomena.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering Dept., Sept 1994 - June 1996.  Developed spectrophotometric technique for measuring diffusive concentration profiles within natural and synthetic hydrogels.  Investigated the effect of carrier material properties upon release characteristics.  Performed bioassays to screen candidate drug compounds.  Supervised undergraduate student researchers.

University of California, Davis, CA

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering Dept., Sept 1990 - July 1994. 

Developed novel assays for evaluating the effects of compounds upon sperm motion characteristics using computer-automated image analysis.   Investigated analytical models of various mass transport and fluid mechanical issues related to sperm-directed contraception.


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BME 207 Transport Phenomena (Duke University)

CHEM 105 & 105L (Liberal Arts) Chemistry in the Human Environment (& Lab)

CHEM 105 Internet

CHEM 110 (Nursing/Health Science) Survey of Chemistry

CHEM 114 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM 115 (Health Science) Survey of Organic and Biological Chemistry

CHEM 131 & CHEM 132 General Chemistry I & II

ENGG 110 Careers in Engineering and Technology

ENGG 220 Electric Circuit Analysis

ENGG 235 Engineering Mechanics – Statics

ENGG 245 Engineering Materials Science




CHEM 105 (Internet)  Chemistry in the Human Environment   3 units

Introduction to chemistry for liberal arts / nonscience majors, exploring chemistry in relation to society, taught in an online format.

COMP 150A Introduction to Computers for Scientists and Engineers   2 units

Introduction to computer tools and techniques useful for data analysis and problem solving operations typical in science/engineering coursework and professional activities.

COMP 150B Programming in MATLAB for Engineers   2 units

Continuation course of COMP 150A that emphasizes computer programming techniques using MATLAB software interface.

ENGG 110B Introduction to Engineering Design   3 units

Introduction to team-oriented engineering design and problem solving processes using hands-on project-based assignments.

Inquiry Based Laboratory Experiments for General Chemistry, Dunmire and Loeser, 2006.

“In-house” laboratory manual for 2-semester General Chemistry course sequence.

Engineering in a Shoebox

Series of hands-on activity kits for 8 to 11 year-olds to explore various aspects of engineering.  5 kits (Aerospace, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems) were designed under contract from EdVenture Partners for Lockheed Martin Corporation to use in their educational outreach efforts.


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Grants, Awards, and Honors

Sabbatical Award, College of Marin, 2007-2008

COM President’s Educational Excellence Innovation Fund grant, 2006

5 COM Independent Research & Development grants, 2001-2005

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 1990-1993

Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, 1987

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, 1986

Chevron Scholarship, 1989

Dow Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, 1988-1989

Florida Academic Scholars’ Fund, 1985-1989

Wentworth Foundation Scholarship, 1985-1987

University of Florida Freshman Presidential Scholarship, 1985-1986

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Dunmire EN, Loeser JG.  Inquiry Based Laboratory Experiments for General Chemistry.  College of Marin internal publication 2006.

Owen DH, Dunmire EN, Plenys AM, Katz DF.  Factors influencing nonoxynol-9 permeation and bioactivity in cervical mucus.  Journal of Controlled Release 1999; 60(1):23-34.

Dunmire EN, Plenys AM, Katz DF.  Spectrophotometric analysis of molecular transport in gels.  Journal of Controlled Release 1999; 57(2):127-140.

Dunmire EN, Katz DF.  Alteration of human sperm kinematics in cervical mucus due to nonoxynol-9.  Contraception 1997; 55(4): 209-17.

Dunmire EN, Katz DF.  Measurement and modulation of nonoxynol-9 diffusion and bioactivity against spermatozoa in human cervical mucus.  Contraception  1997; 55(2):115-22 .

Dunmire ENPhysicochemical aspects of topical contraception:  transport phenomena in cervical mucus.  Ph.D. Thesis, University of California, Davis, CA  1995.

Dunmire EN, Katz DF.  Kinematic response of human spermatozoa to nonoxynol-9.  Biol Reprod 1994; 50: 903-911.

Katz DF, Dunmire ENProblems and opportunities for drug delivery via the vagina and cervix.  Adv Drug Deliv Rev 1993; 11: 385-401.

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