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Any student who has registered for this course should read the Enrollment Instructions below.

General Information

CHEM 105 Chemistry in the Human Environment is a one-semester non-mathematical course for liberal arts and non-science majors, to fulfill G.E. requirements in physical sciences. The course stresses a humanistic approach to chemistry, introducing concepts via important social and environmental contexts.  Students need not have any previous exposure to chemistry.

Students enrolled in CHEM 105 Internet will be using, in addition to a standard textbook, modern multimedia tools including digital video mini-lectures, demonstrations, animations, and interactive tutorials, in order to enhance learning in a distance environment.  Communication between the students and instructor will take place primarily via the course website.  Assignments will be posted on the class website and students are required to complete work by e-mailing the instructor by posted deadlines, by participating in electronic discussions with the instructor and with classmates, and by completing online quizzes and tests.

No campus visits are required. However, the comprehensive Final Exam for the course must be taken either on campus or in an officially proctored location approved by the instructor.

For a more detailed description of course content and requirements, please see the Syllabus.

CHEM 105 (Internet) is a demanding class. Students should be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 6 to 9 hours per week to the class in order to be successful. The online CHEM 105 class contains the same content as a face-to-face class, but students do need to make a few adjustments in order to be successful in an online class. Online learning requires much more independence than traditional classroom learning. Students must learn to take initiative, to be very organized, and to exercise a great deal of self-discipline in order to meet all of the deadlines.

To determine if online learning suits your needs, please see the Introduction to Online Learning.

Important Announcements about Enrolling in the Course:

  • Students who do not officially enroll in the class through the COM Admissions Office will be denied admission to the course website and will not receive credit for the class.
  • When students officially enroll in the course, an account on the course website is automatically generated.  Beginning on the first official day of the term, students can access the course website through their MyCOM student portal by clicking the Moodle link and locating CHEM 105 in the My Courses list.
  • All students officially enrolled in the course must access the course website by midnight Wednesday of the first official week of the semester, or your place in the class will be given to someone on the "Add" list. If you are unable to access the course website, you must email the instructor at edunmire@marin.edu before this deadline.  
  • If you are on the official wait list for the course, or are attempting to add the course, you must e-mail the instructor as soon as possible for further instructions.
  • All originally enrolled students must complete, by midnight on the Saturday that ends the first week of classes, a set of Entrance Requirements that demonstrate ability to use the necessary features of the course website.  Any students who have not completed these requirements by the deadline will be dropped from the course.  Students who have been added later to the course must complete these Entrance Requirements within 3 days of receiving an add code in order to remain in the course.
  • For more information on how to register and how to add online classes, consult the Admissions and Records webpage.