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Financial Aid
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Student Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities

Student Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities

Student rights:
You have the right to information about:

  1. 1. the academic programs of the college,
  2. 2. the cost of tuition, fees and the refund policy,
  3. 3. available financial aid programs, eligibility requirements, funding policies and procedures
  4. 4. the selection criteria for awarding limited financial aid funds,
  5. 5. how your financial need and eligibility for funds is determined,
  6. 6. how your financial aid package was determined,
  7. 7. the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid recipients,
  8. 8. the policies and procedures for financial aid disbursements,
  9. 9. interest rates, repayment terms and deferment provisions for student loans.

You have the right to appeal if you are denied financial aid or are disqualified from financial aid programs on the basis of Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.
You have the right to make an appointment and meet with a Financial Aid officer if you have any questions at any time.

Students responsibilities:
It is your responsibility to use any federal or state funds awarded to you ONLY for expenses related your attendance at College of Marin and your living expenses during your time of enrollment in your program of study.
It is your responsibility to:

  1. 1. provide complete, truthful and accurate information on all financial aid application forms,
  2. 2. maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress,
  3. 3. be enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree, certificate or transfer as outlined in the College catalogue
  4. 4. READ ALL INFORMATION sent to you,
  5. 5. comply with all deadlines, requirements and procedures,
  6. 6. notify the Financial Aid Office of any change in address or educational program,
  7. 7. review financial aid checks you receive for errors (name, Social Security number or amount).

* If you have borrowed from federal student loan programs (Stafford loan, SLS loan, Guaranteed Student loan), you have the responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office and the LENDER or COLLECTION AGENCY of ANY CHANGE IN:
• Enrollment status
• Deferment eligibility
• Name or Address
• School of attendance

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Satisfactory academic progress policy

All students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for student financial aid funds. These standards are established by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with federal regulations. If you are not maintaining satisfactory academic progress, you will be disqualified from receiving financial aid or be placed on financial aid probation.

The Department of Education has recently published new regulations which impact students who repeat courses. Students may only receive federal financial aid funding for one repetition of a previously passed course. Allowable: Repeated coursework may be included if the student received an unsatisfactory or failing grade. There is no limit on the number of attempts allowable if the student does not receive a passing grade.


Term Course Result Full-Time Eligibility Status

Fall 2010 AUTO 229 Fail                                                                                                          Eligible

Spring 2011 AUTO 229 Pass                                                                                                    Eligible

Summer 2011 AUTO 229 Pass         (1st repeat of previously passed course)                              Eligible

Fall 2011 (future) AUTO 229 2nd repeat of previously passed course.                                         Not Eligible to count toward Full-time enrollment status.

1. Enroll in a program of study and follow education plan:
Federal regulations require that you be enrolled in an eligible program leading to a degree, certificate or transfer to a 4-year institution in order to qualify for federal student aid programs. You must be enrolled in the courses required for your program as outlined in the College Catalogue. If it appears that you do not meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria upon review, you may be required to file a copy of your Education Plan with the Financial Aid Office. The Plan must be signed by a Counselor and indicate your educational objective, major and anticipated graduation/transfer date.

2. Maintain 2.0 grade point average:
Federal regulations require colleges to establish the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) you must maintain and the maximum number of cumulative units you should reasonably take to reach your educational goal. All students receiving financial aid at College of Marin must maintain a cumulative 2.00GPA, which is the equivalent of a C average. Students with two consecutive semesters below 2.00GPA will be disqualified from eligibility for financial aid.

3. Complete program within 90 attempted units for AA/AS & Transfer programs and within 150% of required units for certificate programs:
Based on the federal requirement that financial aid recipients must complete their program within 150% of the program requirements as stated in the college catalogue, the maximum cumulative units allowed completing a degree or transfer program is 90 units. Certificate programs must be completed within 150% of the total required units as stated in the catalogue. This includes semesters you do not receive financial aid and all units in which you enroll, including courses you do not complete. In addition, ESL courses and 30 units of remedial courses are included. Repeated courses are allowed based on College policy regarding repeatability. If you exceed the maximum number of units, you will be disqualified from financial aid. Appeals will be reviewed on the basis of your academic record and approved education plan. Mitigating circumstances, such as illness, documented learning disabilities or other exceptional circumstances will be reviewed.

4. Complete 2/3 of enrolled units each semester:
Each semester you must successfully complete at least 66% (2/3) of the units in which you are enrolled. Students enrolled in 12 units must complete at least 8 units each semester, students enrolled in 11 units must complete 7, students enrolled in 9 units must complete at least 6 units, etc. A course successfully completed is one for which you earn a grade of A, B, C, D, or CR. Grades of F, NC, IP, INC or W are not considered successful completion of a course, but do count toward the 90-unit maximum described in (2). Failure to meet this standard will result in probation status for the following semester. Failure to meet this standard for two consecutive semesters will result in disqualification. Course completion is reviewed at the end of each semester.

Review Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated during the file review process before a financial aid award is made. Each student receiving financial aid from any federal program will be reviewed for satisfactory cumulative GPA (2.00 or higher) at the end of the Spring semester. Total cumulative units are reviewed at the end of the Spring semester.

If you do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards you will receive written notification of disqualification, student will recieve probation status notification on their MYCOM portal .

  • Warning Status: Financial Aid wawrning status is assigned for one semester. During that semester you will be eligible to continue to receive financial aid, but must meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress standards by the end of the warning semester to be reinstated for future semesters. Failure to do so will result in disqualification until all Satisfactory Academic Progress standards have been met.
  • Disqualification: Loss of eligibility for all federal and state financial aid programs, except for enrollment fee waivers.

Appeal Process:
You may appeal disqualification from financial aid eligibility by submitting an appeal form to the Financial Aid Office. Appeals must include a COMPLETE Education Plan signed by an academic counselor. Any extenuating circumstances should be explained and documented. The Financial Aid Director and the Financial Aid Specialists from each campus review appeals. Appeals are rejected or approved based on the seriousness of any mitigating circumstances and overall academic record. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to reinstate financial aid eligibility or extend probation periods based on the information presented during the appeal process.

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