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College of Marin Program Review Instructions and Database Links
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Program Review Instructions and Database Links

Program Reviews 2007-2008

Mini Program Reviews 2010-2011  
Program Reviews 2008-2009 Mini Program Reviews 2011-2012 Full Program Reviews 2011-2012
Program Reviews 2009-2010 Mini Program Reviews 2012-2013 Full Program Reviews 2012-2013

Program Review Instructions and Database Links

Full Program Review 2013/2014 

Mini Program Review for Budget Requests 2013/2014 

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Formatting Tips

Formatting Instructions

Because this is online, HTML codes translate tabs, bullet points, apostrophes and Quotation marks into odd symbols.  Use Tildas ~ instead of bullets and the space bar instead of the tab. 

When copying from old program reviews or copying from a word document, the best strategy is to copy your text into Notepad or Text Edit (MAC) and then re-copy it into the PR Database.  This helps alleviate the problem of run-away lines that never wrap down to the next line. 

Remember to SAVE! 

VIEW ALL:  If you come back to a section and find only blank form, click on "View All" to see all you have already entered.  Then you can edit one you've already entered or delete it if necessary. 

After you have entered your data in the Edit section, you can click on the "reports" part to see how it will look as a report.  Once everything has been turned in, I will create pdfs of the complete document - all sections in one pdf.  That will probably be in February. They will be posted in a facutly handbook.

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Links to pdfs of previous Program Reviews:

The following facutly handbook pages have pdfs of the PRs since 2007:

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Completed Program Review Templates

If you need to see what you've entered before in the Program Review Templates, you can reference these. You must sign in.  You can open only the reports section of these.

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