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College of Marin Faculty Handbook
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Communicating with the College Community

Staying in Contact:

Please contact your department Administrative Assistant about setting up an email account and a Voice mail account.  The web portal account is set up through the IT and Admissions and Records.

Telephone/Voice Mail


All faculty should receive a voice mail box whether or not you have an office and a phone attached to it.  Accessing this voicemail only requires a telephone connection.  There are two ways to access it:

Direct and Easy Method:

  • Call 415-485-9306. 
  • You will be asked to enter your mailbox number and afterwards your pass code.

If you forget the direct phone line above: 

Call 415-457-8811 OR 415-883-2211. Either of these will get you to the main access numbers for the college.   After the general greeting starts:

  • Press 6, and then wait until the voicemail system answers.
  • Then press #
  • You will then be asked to enter your mailbox number and afterwards your pass code.

Instructions on how to use voice mail, check for messages, send a message, change your password, change your greeting or to make a group distribution list please click here!  VOICE MAIL INSTRUCTIONS

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College Email

Two Kinds of College Email:

  • The first one is one that you can use to contact other faculty and staff and ends in “”.  
  • The second one is accessed through your MyCOM Portal Account.


Once you have a college email account, you can log in from any computer by following these steps:

New Link as of June 15, 2015: 

  • Choose whether you are at a public or private computer.
  • Domain\User name
  • Password (case sensitive)


The second is through your MyCOM Portal account. This one you can use to communicate easily with your students.

To access it: 

  • Go to the college website:
  • Click on Current Student link and then
  • Click on MyCOM Portal
  • Once there, enter your user name and password for your portal account.
  • You access your email here in the top right corner of your MyCOM portal page.

You will also receive important reminders and updates from Admissions and Records and other college offices through this account.  It is important to check it frequently. 

Below are two pdfs with more information and instructions regarding email:

Email Accounts at College of Marin  (PDF)

Basic Version on how to forward your email to another email account (PDF)

How to forward mycom email to your account (PDF) (set up folder in receiving account)

How to forward your email to another email account (PDF)

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MyCOM Web Portal


MyCOM Portal provides secure access and offers a variety of Intranet and Internet services for College of Marin students, faculty, and staff.  It is especially important to faculty members as this is where instructors will view up-to-date class rosters, submit grades online, send and receive email using MyCOM portal email; and more.  This is also where all updates and reminders from Admissions and Records are sent. 

For more information, read the FAQs and go through the tutorials available once you log in.  You will find a "tutorial tab" next to the tab for faculty.  You can also click on the "Help" button located in the top right corner for further assistance.  If still confused, please contact the Admissions Office at 415-457-8811 x8822.  You can also contact the Help Desk at:

Click here for additional helpful hints regarding the Faculty Dashboard

MyCOM Web Portal and Distance Education Courses

After you log into MyCOM Portal, press the "Click Here To:" hyperlink within the My Courses channel on the Student tab.  The My Courses page will display all classes for which you are currently registered. Press the corresponding hyperlink to access your distance learning or Blackboard class.  Instructors have the same access to Blackboard as students.

It is very important that distance Education instructors give their students instructions on accessing their courses through the web portal.

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College of Marin Website Faculty Pages

If you go to “search” on the home page of College of Marin’s website, you can search for your name under “employee directory”.  There you will find information about you - your office, voice mail, email, classes and office hours. Much of this information is editable through the INTRANET. 

  • Access the Intranet (follow steps below). 
  • Click on “General” on the left side navigation bar.  Click on “Employees”.
  • This will get you to a list of employees.  Find your name and click on it. 
  • Your “faculty webpage” will appear with certain areas editable.
  • You can also add your picture, and statements about yourself, your philosophy and any additional information you’d like to provide. 
  • If you have a “homepage” separate from the college, or a wikispace or other site you use for teaching, you can enter it here. 

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College of Marin Intranet

College of Marin had an “intranet” where faculty and staff can access internal information regarding the college, the senates, various committees, etc.  In addition, from the “help desk”, you can send a “tech stream” message to the IT department to request help with any technical issues you may have, including “new employee set up.

To Access the Intranet from anywhere:

Open Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher and type into the address line:

This will open a window enabling you to enter your user name and your password.  Please do NOT select the "remember password option,as this would give easy access to anyone who uses the computer.

Other useful things available on the intranet include:

  1. Under "General > Forms>Faculty:  FT Instructor assignment sheets and Faculty Absense reports
  2. Under "General > Forms>Police:  parking permit form
  3. Also a link to the Data Dashboard (only available on campus)

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Snail Mail Mailboxes

All instructors are assigned a mailbox for materials pertaining to classes and notices to you as an employee. You may find out the location of your mailbox on the Kentfield Campus by calling the Mailroom (Ext. 7448). On the Indian Valley Campus, all mailboxes are in the Administrative Services Center, Building 11, AS 127.  Please check your mailbox prior to each class. The mailrooms are accessible at any time via a combination lock. Check with your department administrative assistant to obtain the combination number.

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College of Marin Enhances Emergency Communications With AlertU

College of Marin has implemented AlertU, an emergency notification system. The college will use the text message alert system to send emergency information and updates to the mobile devices of participating students, faculty, staff and community members in real-time.

AlertU is a web-based, emergency text alert notification platform that delivers secure communications to subscribers’ mobile devices, designed for K-12 schools, college and university campus communities and enterprise facility management. Friends and family are also able to receive alert updates. There are no fees to subscribers for enrolling in the service, however standard text message rates apply.

There are two ways to subscribe for Marin College alerts

From a computer:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Enter your cell number and indicate if you are staff, faculty, etc.
  • 3. On your cell phone, you will receive a welcome text message: Please join MCCD’s Emergency Alert System. No spam. Reply Y to sign up…
  • 4. From your cell phone, Reply “Y” (only the letter “Y,” nothing else)
  • 5. That’s it

From your cell phone:

  • 1. With your cell phone, text “MCCD” (your campus keyword) to 253788 (ALERTU)
  • 2. You will receive a welcome text message: Please join MCCD’s Emergency Alert System. No spam. Reply Y to sign up…
  • 3. From your cell phone, Reply “Y”(only the letter “Y,” nothing else)
  • 4. That’s it
  • RECOMMENDATION: To make it easier for you to recognize emergency messages, store the number 253788 in your cell phone’s phone book as “AlertU”

We value your privacy as students and staff at Marin Community College District and can promise:

  • You will never receive any mobile spam
  • No personal information will ever be shared with anyone
  • Only MCCD College Police will have access to the alerting system
  • The AlertU system will only be used in the event of an emergency/crisis
  • The service is free, though the users standard text message rates/plans apply

It is expected that in the event of a crisis or emergency, AlertU will greatly help minimize both risk and damage for our students, faculty, staff, and school. While this service is only one of the many methods that may be needed in getting the word out in a crisis, it should be the most immediate.


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