Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Writing Center
LC 120

Who may use the Writing Center?

All registered College of Marin students are eligible to use the Writing Center. English 98 and 120 students are required to use it 12 hours per semester.
Students of other classes in other departments are welcome also.

Can I go more than two hours per week?

Sure.  You can go as often as you want to go.

What do I do in the Writing Center?

Most importantly, you can meet with instructors and tutors to receive individual help on assignments.
Your teacher may assign you work from Lab Booklets for English 98 and 120.
You may also have other specific assignments from your teacher.
You can access the computer to do your school work:  to do word processing or to do research on the Internet.

What kind of help can I get?

You can get help with ideas, organization and resources.
Tutors and instructors will not correct your work for you.
However, they can provide you answers to questions and provide you with help with your sentence skills.

What do I bring to the Writing Center?

Always bring your textbook, your lab booklet, the assignment you are working on, and a USB flash drive.

Why do I need a storage device?

You cannot save your work to the computers. 

What if I forget my storage device?

You can save work in the "cloud" using Google docs or Dropbox.

Can I use the printer?

Yes, but limit your use of paper to five pages.

What if the computer freezes or has another type of problem?

Stop and get the instructor or tutor to help you immediately.  Please be gentle with all equipment.

What if I have a problem with an instructor or tutor?

First, try to work out the problem by talking to the instructor or tutor.  If you can not resolve the problem, then you can find
another time to go to the lab or you can talk to your instructor.

A few final reminders:

1) Please turn off cell phones and pagers
2) Please do not bring food, drinks or gum
3) If you must have a conversation about English, please be as quiet as possible.
4) The lab is a classroom for learning so please respect other students.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask for help.