Writing Center Self-Guided Tour

Please visit the following sites listed below and answer the questions about each site to familiarize yourself with the tools available in the Writing Center in LC 110.

Site #1: Sign In Procedures

If you are an English 98 or 120 student, you are required to sign-in on a computer to record your lab visit. Find a computer and sign-in by clicking on the Class Sign In  icon, located on the desktop. Enter the information as prompted by the computer.  Close the window after you sign in.

Congratulations you are signed-in for one hour!

  1. What information are you asked  to enter into the computer in order to sign in?
  2. What color is the background of the sign-in screen?
Site #2: Favorite Internet Sites

While you are still at the computer, click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop. The Favorites Menu at the top of your screen lists several online sites that you may use to help with your writing. Click on the Favorites Menu and click on Purdue University's Online Writing Lab. This site offers many handouts on general writing concerns, grammar, and research skills. Find one handout that you feel would help you with your writing.

  1. What is the name of the handout?
  2. What does the OWL logo look like?
  3. What is the Internet address of the OWL site?

Site #3: Online Writing Center

CoM also offers online tutoring to students. If you would like feedback from a tutor, you may visit  the Online Writing Center (OWC).  You may visit the OWC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your instructor may also offer lab credit for visiting the OWC. (Check with your instructor for details and class policies.) To get to the OWC, click on Online Writing Center, in the Favorites Menu of Internet Explorer.

  1. What is the Online Writing Center for?
  2. How can you access the OWC?
  3. What is the Internet address for the OWC?

Site #4: English Skills Computer

You may also improve your grammar skills by using the English Skills computer which allows you to use interactive computer exercises in order to strengthen your writing. Find the English Skills Computer (look for the signs) and click on one of the folders on the desktop. Select a program to work on and try one interactive exercise.

  1. What is the name of the program you used?
  2. Did you find this activity helpful? Why or why not? Explain you answer.

Site #5: Meet a Tutor

Visit the two tutor stations, introduce your self to the tutors and collect any handouts available.

  1. What are the names of the tutors whom you met?
  2. What handouts were available?
  3. What suggestions did the tutor (s) give you?

Site #6: Explore the Room

Read the signs hanging in the Writing Center.
  1. What did you learn from the signs in the room?

Site #7: Front Door

Read the signs on the front door.

  1. Is there anywhere else you can go for help if the Writing Center in LC 110 is closed?
  2. What should you avoid wearing in LC 110?
  3. LC 110 is open what days and times?