Writing CenterInstructions

(Lab Requirement for English 98 & 120 Students)

When You Come to the Writing Center (LC 120)
  1. Always sign in on computer before you use the Writing Center.
  1.    Always get a signature from a Lab Instructor or T.A. before you leave. Keep your signature sheet in a safe place to verify the dates and times you visited the lab should your instructor request proof.
  1.    How you use the time in the lab is up to your instructor.  Here are some possibilities:

  • Is my thesis clear?
  • Does my evidence strongly support my thesis?
  • Is my paper easy to follow?  Is it organized logically?
  • Have I chosen the appropriate writing style for my audience?
You may want to see a tutor several times during the course of writing a paper to work on different writing tasks.  Tutors are more likely to focus on content first, then grammar.

Additional Activities

If you cannot meet with a tutor on campus, visit our online Writing Center at: http://marin.edu/DE/student.html