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Syllabus Guidelines REAP

What is REAP?
REAP is an acronym to remember when reading because if you follow REAP when reading you will find that you able to get more out of what you read.   When reading, don't forget to REAP!

Give yourself plenty of time to read.  Don't be surprised or frustrated if you need to re-read. 

While reading, take notes, using your own words;  do not simply copy the words of the author.  Usually re-reading is necessary to get the gist. 

While reading, write your notes in the margins of the text.  If you need to sell back your book, write softly in pencil and erase it later.

After reading, think about what you've read by considering how it applies.  What does it all mean?  What implications does it have? How does  it inform your thinking about an upcoming test or assignment?

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