What is PPC?

Preview, Preread and Code
PPC, also called Preview, Preread and Code, is an excellent reading strategy for all college reading and writing assignments! 
This strategy can help you to be more productive when you read.

Why should you use PPC?
This procedure helps you to make use of the text features which can serve as aids in understanding.  PPC can enable you to make predictions on a large scale about what is important to remember in a reading. In addition, it can provide you with study notes for later tests, papers, or discussions on a reading.

How do you use PPC?
1. To Preview a selection, look for the following:
Titles--Subheadings--Graphics--Sections--Authors--Study Questions--Boldface Type--Previews--Summaries--Reviews
Now, make a prediction: What will this reading be about?
2. To Preread, read the first sentence of every paragraph. 
Doing this gives you a quick idea of what main points will be covered.
Again, make a prediction: What will this reading be about?   What topics and/or issues will it cover?
3. To Code, take concise and relevant notes about each paragraph.
Include main ideas/questions/comments/notes/important details.