Make a PIE to build  a better body paragraph.
Then, re-read the PIE to see how it turned out.

An introduction may begin with a quote, but generally a body paragraph should not.
While you may find that published articles in newspapers and periodicals contain quotes at the start of body paragraphs, this is not usually an accepted convention in academic writing.  It may be tempting to begin a body paragraph by quoting from someone whose work you have read; perhaps you like the wording or it simply rang true, but your thoughts and ideas should come before someone else's.  In a body paragraph, always begin with your point, that is, your thought, so as to advance your claim and support the thesis.  Think of a quote as one that should be sandwiched between your own ideas.  Think of the quote to be the meat of a sandwich or pie: 1) first, present your thoughts, in your words  2) second of all, include the quote so as to support your topic sentence 3) last of all, explain/interpret the quote using your own words. Try PIE by following the instructions below.

Develop the paragraph by using PIE.

POINT                     What is your POINT, your message?

ILLUSTRATE         What examples or evidence can you use to ILLUSTRATE and support your point?  Include your quote here.

EXPLAIN                How can you EXPLAIN the purpose of your “I”?    

Re-read and revise the paragraph.

1. Read the paragraph all the way through.  What is the POINT that the author is making?  Look past the topic sentence.  What is the author really saying?

2.Is this POINT stated in the topic sentence?  If no, what do you suggest?  

3. How has the author shown or ILLUSTRATED the point?  Paraphrase what the author's "I" is here.

4. Has the author used facts, quotes and/or concrete examples to ILLUSTRATE his/her point?  Keep in mind that statistics are more credible than one person’s experience. How successful was the "I"?  And, why?

5. Is there enough “meat” that  EXPLAINS the author's point? Is it clear why readers should care? What do you recommend be added/changed?