What is K-W-L+?
K-W-L+ is an excellent reading strategy for all college reading and writing assignments! 
K-W-L+ are initials for a four-step procedure intended to help you think about a topic while reading expository text.

Why should you use K-W-L+?
K-W-L+ helps to ensure that you become engaged in the reading task, or, in other words, that you have a meaningful, productive conversation with text.  The strategy involves the steps for brainstorming, developing categories, specifying questions, checking what you are learning and doing further reading.

Description:  K-W-L+ involves four basic steps: 
1) Assessing what you already know about the topic
2) Determining what you want to learn about the topic
3) Determining what you did learn as a result of the reading
4) Determining what questions you still have about the topic

How do you use KWL+?
Step 1: (K) What I KNOW   

Brainstorm and generate ideas about what you already know about a given topic.

Step 2:  (W)  What do I WANT to learn?
Consider possible relevant questions for yourself and for the class (taking into consideration the exam and/or essay).  In order to generate well-focused questions, you may want to read the first couple paragraphs of the reading before you complete this step.  

Step 3:  (L) What I LEARNED
After you complete the reading, write down what you learned. 
 In this step you probably will want to answer your questions from Step 2. But do not limit yourself to answering those questions.

Step 4:  (+) What do you still have questions about?
After completing the KWL+on the assigned topic, brainstorm a list of question that you still have about the topic.