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Foreign Language Advisory Placement Test or FLAPT


What is Foreign Language Advisory Placement Test?

This test is intended to evaluate your general level of knowledge in a foreign language and help you select a language class appropriate to your ability. We currently offer Foreign Language Advisory Placement Tests (FLAPTs) in French, Spanish, and Italian. These tests examine your ability in grammar and vocabulary not listening comprehension. The time required to complete either test is approximately half an hour.

No specific study guides or texts are recommended for preparation; however, reviewing previous textbooks, self-study guides, or software programs may help you to prepare prior to testing.

Why should I take it?

If you have previous background in French and are wondering which class would be best for you, you may take the FLAPT in French. Upon completing the FLAPT, you will receive immediate feedback about which class is right for you and you will be able to print your results in order to expedite your placement when you make an appointment at the counseling office.

What should I do with my results?

When you finish the exam, find your score in the table below and see which French course at College of Marin is best for you. You should also print your results and bring these with you to the counseling office before you register for classes. A placement recommendation does not guarantee that you will be able to enroll in that course immediately; course availability can vary widely (depending on demand for the course, the time of year, and at which point you register).

Can I get college credits from FLAPT?

No, the FLAPT does NOT grant any College credits.


In order to take the FLAPT and be able to print your results you must enroll in the following class:

Class: FLAPT Results
Code: RAGTGG367

Step 1
Go to the Quia website at

Step 2

Now, click the area labeled Students. When the next page appears, enter your username and password if you already have a Quia account. If you do not have an account, click the link Create my free account. Fill out the form that appears. Select "Student" as the account type. When you are done, press the Create my account button.

Step 3
You should now be in the Student Zone. Type in the class code RAGTGG367 in the text field and press the Add class button. Now you're done!

Follow these steps to view your results

Step 1
Log in to your account. (Remember, go to the Quia Web home page at and click the area labeled Students.)

Step 2
Click on the class name.

Step 3
Print your results. Take these results with you when you go to the counselor to enroll for classes.

Test Scores

Score on FLAPT

Suggested language placement


French 101


French 102


French 203