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Enrollment Procedures for First Semester Applicants

Fall 2013

Effective Fall 2009

We are pleased that you have selected the College of Marin Registered Nursing Program to prepare for a career in the nursing profession. The following information has been prepared to assist you in the planning and enrollment process. Please read and follow the directions carefully. We recommend that all applicants meet with a college counselor prior to applying to the program to plan their course of study.


I. Program Capacity

Each year, the Nursing Program receives more requests for enrollment than the Program is able to accommodate. Enrollment in the Registered Nursing Program is limited because of facility constraints, the on-going shortage of highly qualified nursing faculty, and the need to maintain a safe student/teacher ratio in the clinical setting.  In order to maintain the highest quality instructional program possible, the Program can enroll only thirty-six students in the first year of the Nursing Program which begins each fall. 

The best way to enhance your opportunity for enrollment is to review the enrollment requirements carefully, ensure that you satisfy all requirements, and that you provide timely application materials that verify that you meet all the enrollment requirements. The Program is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for qualified Program applicants


Application Form

  • Application packet available above.

 Your application must be placed in a sealed envelope and mailed or delivered to:

           College of Marin

           Admissions and Records Department

           Attention:  RN Program Application

           835 College Avenue

           Kentfield, CA 94904

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Application Dates


Students seeking enrollment in the first semester of the Program (i.e., the Fall term) must submit their completed application materials by February 1st.  Applications are accepted January 2nd through February 1st.  Applications for enrollment will NOT be accepted for consideration either before January 2 or after February 1st.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate materials by the closing dates.  Applications that are incomplete on the closing dates cannot be considered for review. 

A description of what constitutes a complete application package for new students is discussed in section IV below.


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In order to be eligible for enrollment in the Program, students must complete course prerequisites and achieve required minimum assessment scores.


A.  Course Prerequisites Completion

No student may enroll in the Program unless he/she has successfully completed certain courses.  It is premature for a student to submit an application package if the student cannot complete all course prerequisites for enrollment in the Program by  BY THE END OF THE FALL SEMESTER PRIOR TO SUBMISSION of the application TO THE PROGRAM FOR THE FOLLOWING FALL ADMISSION.  

B.  Course Grades

Students must successfully complete all prerequisite courses.  This means the student must receive a letter grade of “C” or higher in all prerequisite courses for entry into the Program.  Grades of “C minus,” “Credit/no credit,” or “pass/no pass” grades are not accepted. All Nursing courses required for licensure which have been completed prior to admission must also be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

C.  7 Course Pre Requisites

The Program has established seven prerequisite courses that MUST be completed prior to application to the Program.  The seven prerequisite courses are listed below. The prerequisite courses are designed to assure that students who are accepted into the Program have the necessary skills, concepts, and/or information to pass the Registered Nursing courses and achieve academic success in the Program

The Prerequisite courses for entrance into the Program are:

1. NE 90, Introduction to Nursing Education and Practice (See COM schedule for class dates and enrollment information).

2. CHEMISTRY: One four or five (semester) unit college credit course in chemistry (Chem 110, or Chem 114 or 115). A year of high school chemistry may be accepted. Must be taken for a letter grade.

3. ANATOMY:  One four or five (semester) credit unit college human anatomy course with laboratory (Biology 120). Must be taken for a letter grade.

4. PHYSIOLOGY:  One four or five (semester) credit unit college human physiology course (Biology 224), with laboratory. Must be taken for a letter grade.

5. MATH:  Math 101 or College of Marin math assessment test qualifying for Math 103 (challenge option). Effective Fall 2009 Math 103 is the college graduation requirement.

6. ENGLISH:  English 150.   Effective fall 2009. Must be taken for a letter grade.

7. MICROBIOLOGY: One four or five (semester) credit unit college microbiology course (Biology 240), with laboratory. Must be taken for a letter grade.


D.  Courses completed at other  institutions

It is not necessary to take all the prerequisites at the College of Marin.  If you took some or all of the prerequisite courses at another college and you are considering transferring these courses to Marin, please follow Procedures for Substitution of Courses for the College of Marin Registered Nursing program below.

Prerequisite courses taken at institutions other than the College of Marin must be evaluated prior to acceptance into the Nursing Program. 

  • Foreign Colleges Transcripts
    Transcripts from foreign colleges and universities will be accepted only when evaluated by UC, CSU, or an evaluating service recognized by College of Marin.
  • The service recommended by the college is:
    International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
    P.O. Box 3665
    Culver City, CA 90231
    Tel: 310.258.9451

    Credit will be granted when the academic level of the course work is deemed to be comparable to that of classes taught in fully accredited U.S. colleges and universities.

E. Pre requisite and Co Requisite Challenge

If you believe course work you took at other institutions or that experience you have is equivalent to what you would learn in a prerequisite course, you can “challenge” a course prerequisite. The “challenge” process is a rigorous assessment that requires you to demonstrate that you already have the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course or Program despite not having taken a particular prerequisite course.  Contact the Nursing Department for the RN challenge information.  Like prerequisite courses themselves, challenges to prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to starting courses.


F.  Course Recency 

Courses in nursing education that were taken by returning students three or more years prior to a return to a nursing program will not be accepted.  Three or more years reflects a significant lapse in time and the student must repeat all such courses. 

Note: There is no recency requirement of the seven prerequisite courses listed above.


G.  Course Planning

Because clinical placements require day and evening scheduling, it is strongly recommended that all course requirements for RN licensure and AS degree requirements be taken prior to entry into the Nursing Program.  Once a student starts the Nursing Program, it may be difficult to schedule other courses that are needed for RN licensure or the AS degree.


H.  Course Advisories

In addition to completing required prerequisite courses, the College of Marin strongly recommends that students who seek entry into the Program take two additional courses that will help them prepare for Nursing Instruction.  These courses are referred to as “advisory” courses and are described below.

The Advisory courses that are strongly recommended for entrance into the Program are:

     NE 95: Effective Strategies for Success in the Registered Nursing Program

     CIS 101:  Introduction to Personal Computers and Operating Systems

I.  Assessment Scores

  1. 1.  Students who have successfully completed all course prerequisites must also achieve an assessment score of at least 72% to be admitted to the Program. The assessment score is determined by a formula which takes into account: (a) overall college GPA in the last five years, (b) the grade received in English 150, (c) the GPA in core biology courses (Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology prerequisites), and (d) course repetition in core biology courses. Course repetition is often necessary when a student received a substandard grade of “D,” “F,” “FW,” No Credit,” or “No Pass,” or withdrew from a course with a “W” without completing it.  This formula generates a score which is used to determine eligibility.  Students will be required to have a score of at least 72%. 
  • In determining the overall college GPA, a letter grade of “C” will be assigned to any with a grade of “Credit” for  calculating that composite score.
  • To access the Chancellor's Formula you may download this Excel Worksheet - please request the worksheet from the RN Program office: and the form will be emailed to you.

                        You will need to have Office Excel to download and input data to this worksheet.

                         Go to bottom of spreadsheet and link with “Data Entry”

                         Under student, you can try many scenarios with students…student 1, 2, 3, 4, etc

                         College GPA is the last five years of college work overall  GPA

                         Core Bio GPA are only for Bio 120, 224, 240

                         English GPA for English 150

                         Repetitions for core biology:  .33 = one time, .66 = two times, and 1 = three times

  1.     2.  Applicants who have satisfactorily completed all course prerequisites and received an assessment score of  at least 72% as described above, will then also be required to successfully complete the Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) prior to entry into the Program.  Those applicants who do not meet the cut score of 62 on the TEAS V will have one year to remediate and demonstrate readiness before retesting.  Demonstration of readiness to enter the Program includes both successful completion of the remediation plan and successful retaking of the TEAS.  Any student not meeting the remediation requirements within one year will be required to restart the application process as a new student. See Assessment Readiness Test Guidelines, available from the Nursing Department. (or visit the Department website:


           2. a   If a student presents with multiple test scores in one year only the first score will be accepted

           unless the student presents evidence of acceptable remediation.


J.  Random selection 

In the event that there are more eligible candidates than openings, actual enrollment will be based on a computerized random selection method.  Each qualified applicant will receive a number for the current application period.



All the forms referred to below can be obtained on the nursing program website:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate application materials.  The College has no responsibility to notify applicants of items missing from their application packages.  All materials submitted as part of the application process are the property of the College of Marin and will not be returned to applicants. 

Application forms and supportive documents will be kept on file for one year following the selection process unless the student has agreed to complete the TEAS remediation. Materials on file past this time period will be destroyed. Applicants who were not accepted may reactivate their file with a new application form.  A new application from with all necessary supportive documents must be submitted for each re-application to the Program.


Submit the required application materials in a sealed envelop to:

              College of Marin 

              Admission and Records

              Attention: RN Program Application

               835 College Avenue

               Kentfield, CA  94904-2590


1.  College of Marin Registered Nursing Program Application. 

(Typed or printed in ink)  Be sure to document your Required health care experience on this form. The form allows students to list all prerequisites completed at the College of Marin.


2.  Completed Health Clearance Form upon enrollment in the program. Due Date will be announced in acceptance letter.


3.  College of Marin Courses Required for RN Licensure /Graduation evaluation form. 

These courses include the prerequisite courses for Program enrollment as well as Speech 110, or 120, or 128, Psychology 110 and either 112 or 114, and three semester units from any of the following: Anthropology 102, 103, 208 or Sociology 110 or 140, and college graduation requirments.. 


4.  Challenge examination forms (if a student has not completed prerequisite courses and plans to pursue the challenge option). 

The applicant must request that these scores be forwarded to the Registered Nursing Program.


5.  Petition for Substitution for RN Students form (If a student has not completed all prerequisites courses at the College of Marin).  

Prerequisite courses taken at institutions other than College of Marin must be evaluated prior to acceptance into College of Marin. This process requires the student to petition the College to accept  courses taken elsewhere as satisfying College of Marin prerequisite courses.  Additional time is needed for the College to make these assessments. 

The Petition for Substitution and official transcripts and course descriptions must be submitted with the application to the Nursing Program.

It is the student’s responsibility to request official transcripts and course descriptions for the year the course was completed and attach catalog course descriptions to the Petition. 

Two (2)official recent transcripts - Transcript issue date must be iwthin one year of application.  Transcripts must be sent to College of Marin RN Program.  One official transcript is for the Counseling Department.  The second official transcript is for the Nursing Department.

The Petition for Substitution will then be submitted and reviewed by Admissions and Records (Academic Standards Committee). 

The original approved/denied copy will be kept in the student file in counseling and a copy of the petition will be sent to the student.


All documents must be received by February 1st for fall admission.  It is the applicant's responsibility to provide complete and accurate material by the closing date.  Applications that are incomplete on the closing date cannot be considered for review.


6.  Official Transcripts

Two (2) current official transcripts must be sent to College of Marin RN Program.  One is for the Counseling Department.  The second transcript is for the Nursing Department. Transcripts must have been issued within the prior calendar year.

Transcripts for courses taken at the College of Marin are not required.

All overseas transcripts must be evaluated by a service recognized by the College of Marin.  Please see "Foreign College Trancripts" in Section 2 of the College of Marin Catalog.


7.  Letter of Reference (for Returning Students/Transfer Students/Students Previously Enrolled in Other Nursing Programs).   

Please provide a letter of reference from a nursing faculty member or the nursing program director if you are a student who was previously failing during the clinical phase of the curriculum.  The letter must address whether the student posed a threat to the health and safety of patients in the clinical setting.


8.   Criminal Background Clearance.

Prospective Program students must provide a criminal record clearance prior to enrollment in the Program.  Prospective students must sign and submit a release form and pay a fee of $50 to the Background Check Company.  Please see catalog for complete information on background checks.

Please note: If you know that you will be unable to pass a background check that discloses prior criminal convictions, you may wish to schedule additional time with an academic counselor to explore other important and fulfilling programs that do not require a criminal background clearance.

9. Drug Screening.

Clinical agencies will be requiring mandatory drug screening.  Students will need to meet the agency standards for placement.  The estimated cost is $51.00. 

The drugs tested include amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolites, marijuana metabolites, methadone, methaqualone, opiates, phencyclidine, and propoxyphene. 

Specific drug screening directions will be emailed to students upon acceptance into the nursing program. This will involve an online ordering process and a timeframe of 72 hours to go to a lab to give a urine specimen.

Mandatory Drug Screening Requirement for Students - 2010 (14.4 Kb pdf)

10. Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) test results. 

Applicants who have taken the TEAS V test prior to application to the program must request that a transcript (the official report verifying the cut score) be mailed directly from the vendor Assessment Technology and Institute to the Nursing Department.

11.  Proof of Remediation.

Students who do not score at least 67 on the TEAS may take a retest after remediation.  For information on the remediation, please refer to Enrollment Procedures/Assessment Readiness Test for detailed information.  Applicants have one year to remediate.  Reapplication must include demonstration of successful completion of a remediation plan and successful retaking of the TEAS test with a passing composite score. 

Any student not meeting the remediation requirements by the following application period (one year) will be required to restart the application process as a new student.

12. Health Stream

Health Stream is an online orientation program. Clinical agencies require orientation each year.  Failure to complete the module at the pass rate will preclude participation in clinical experience.  The cost is approximately $10 per year.



Each application received is reviewed by a Nursing Department Committee to determine that the basic enrollment prerequisites and requirements have been met.  Applications which are not complete by the application due date or which do not verify completion of the listed prerequisites shall not be eligible for enrollment shall not be considered further.  The Committee ensures that:


1. The student completed all prerequisite courses with a “C” or better prior to submission of the application for enrollment in the Program.  Students who wish to challenge a prerequisite must demonstrate that they have completed the challenge process prior to enrollment. Students who wish to substitute courses not taken at the College of Marin for prerequisite courses must demonstrate that their substituted courses have been approved by the College of Marin. 

2.  The student submitted all required application materials as described in section IV: Requirements for a Completed Application to Admissions and Records Department office by the closing deadline.

3. Students documented evidence of work or volunteer history in a health related environment or field or equivalent.

4. The application materials are complete and timely.

5.  The student scored 72% or higher using the composite formula.

6. The student scored at least 62 on the TEAS V (the Test of Essential Academic Skills). The TEAS test will be administered to applicants who have met all prerequisites and selection criteria and are eligible for selection for the program.  Please be patient, it will take time for us to complete this procedure.   

7.  The student who did not pass the TEAS test submitted evidence of successful remediation and a score of 62 on the TEAS 5 or 67 on the TEAS 4 on the retest.

8.  Registration priorities are applied.

It is not necessary to contact the Nursing Department regarding your application status.  You will be notified by mail or email no later than June 1 concerning your enrollment status and the assigned test dates for the assessment test. 

Final enrollment is contingent on achieving a composite score of 67 on the TEAS test. Spaces, should they occur, will be filled by the next qualified applicant until the Fall Semester begins.



All students who were determined eligible (met all eligibility requirements and passed TEAS test), but not selected due to a lack of sufficient openings or inability to meet the TEAS composite score, must resubmit the application form and any new supportive documents to be considered for the next year’s Program openings. 



Students who drop out of the Program prior to completion of the first semester, must reapply for subsequent admission and are given the same consideration as first time applicants.  All applicants are bound by any new admission requirements and should contact a College counselor or the Nursing Department to determine such requirements. 


Waiting List   

Ten candidates from the application period will become a “wait list” for the following year.  The candidates are chosen in rank order from the numbers assigned during the prior application period.  The wait list candidates include those who successfully remediate and pass the TEAS test, as well as those who met all qualifications at the time of application. The remaining eligible applicants from the prior year will be included with the current year's applicants (first time applicants) and assigned numbers as described above if the number of eligible applicants exceeds openings.


Nursing Department Office

If you need assistance with the application process, please contact the Nursing Department (415) 485-9319 only during the following times: Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.


Reference Information

The College of Marin catalog is available online. It contains the most complete information on the RN Program, the requirements for Associate degrees, and the many services available at the College of Marin. Be certain to read any addenda that may be published after the catalog is in print.

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Relevant College of Marin Phone Numbers

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Bookstore 415. 485. 9394
Counseling Office 415. 485 .9432
Financial Aid 415. 485 .9409
RN Program 415. 485. 9319
Student Health Center 415. 485. 9458
Testing Office 415. 485. 9469

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