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College of Marin
Health Sciences: Medical Assisting Program
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Program Cost

Expenses: Tuition
Units: Medical Assisting Adminstration and Clinical option(31.5 X $36.00 **) $ 1134.00
Units: Medical Assisting Adminstration only option(21 X $36.00 **) $ 756.00
Units: Medical Assisting Clinical only option(20.5 X $36.00 **) $ 738.00
Expenses: Books
First Semester $200.00
Second Semester $200.00
Total Book Expenses $400.00


Expenses: Other
Uniforms, Shoes, etc. $200.00
Parking $100.00
Other(Immunizations,Health Serv. Fee, Supplies, Transportation) $500.00
Total Other Expenses: $800.00



For Medical Assisting Adminstration and Clinical option $ 2334.00 approx.
For Medical Assisting Adminstration or Clinical only option: $ 1956.00 approx.

* Cost estimates as of 5/11

** See Schedule of Fees as costs vary for non-residents, foreign students.


Medical Assisting Program Information

Other Resources


Medical Assisting webpage
Technical Contact: Joan Rinaldi, Administrative Assistant for Health Science Dept., 415.485.9319
Content Responsible:
Terry Gesulga, MSN, RN, PNP, Interim Dean of Health Sciences, 415.485.9326