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College of Marin Event Planning Guidelines
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Many campus events are hosted by staff, faculty, and students annually. A range of events take place at College of Marin including fine arts productions, workshops, conferences, lectures, retreats, and festivals. Successful events require coordination with a number of departments on campus. In this guide you will find a list of these contacts and a general checklist to aid you in the process.

Room Reservation Information

The following spaces can be booked for various types of meetings and events. Please keep in mind that as a learning institution, scheduled classes take priority.
Conference Rooms | Fine Arts Complex | Kentfield Campus | KTD Larger Classroom | Learning Resource Center |
KTD Physical Education Complex | Indian Valley Campus | IVC Larger Classrooms | IVC Physical Education Complex

Conference Rooms Contact
Administrative Services 101 IVC Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
Administrative Services 108 (LCD projector & screen)
Harlan Center 124
IVC Bookstore
LRC 109
Redwood Grove
Student Services A/B

Fine Arts Complex Contact
Art Lecture Room (FA 120) (LCD Projector, Screen, Audio) Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311 with direct input from Olga Borrisova (415) 485-9480
Choral Rehearsal (FA 72) Booked only with direct approval of the music department (415) 485-9460 and then coordinated with Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
Fine Arts Rehearsal Rooms Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311 with direct input from Joanna Pinckney (415) 485-9460 and David White (415) 485-9559 or Robin Jackson (415) 485-9555
Fine Arts Theatre (FA 150)
Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (FA 75) Booked only with direct approval of the music department (415) 485-9460 and then coordinated with Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
Make-Up Room (FA 34) Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311 with direct input from Joanna Pinckney (415) 485-9460 and David White (415) 485-9559 or Robin Jackson (415) 485-9555
Studio Theatre (FA 32)

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Kentfield Campus Contact
Classrooms (10-60 capacity) James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
College Center – SS Cafeteria Vicki Lamke (415) 485-9376
Deedy Staff Lounge (SS) (LCD projector, screen)
Dental Lab Booked only with direct request from the department.
Staff Lounge (LCD projector, screen) Vicki Lamke (415) 485-9376

KTD Larger Classrooms Contact
Fusselman Hall (FH 120)
(smart classroom)
James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
Olney Hall (OH 96) Special ADA Requirement*
See smart classroom
Science Center 101 (smart classroom)

Learning Resource Center Contact
Teleconference Room LC 53
(Technician required – 4 hour minimum after hours)
Use is permitted only with the direct permission of Media Services (415) 485-9606
TV Studio (LC 57) including use of master control room
(Technician required – 4 hour minimum after hours)

KTD Physical Education Complex Contact
Auxiliary Field James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
Booked in tandem with Director of PE & Athletics Matt Markovich (415) 485-9591
Baseball Field
Football Field
KTD Pool
Mackey Field
Special Activity Rooms
Tennis Courts

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Indian Valley Campus Contact
Campus Green Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
Classrooms (10-60 capacity) James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
Graduation Grove Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
PC Lab Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311

IVC Larger Classrooms

Library 100 Cheryl Carlson (415) 485-9311
Miwok 181/Studio Theatre James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
Miwok 226/Music Room
Pomo/Lecture Hall 188

IVC Physical Education Complex Contact
IVC Pool James Kuromiya for classroom use (415) 485-9501
Cheryl Carlson for rentals or weekend use (415) 485-9311
Booked in tandem with Director of PE & Athletics Matt Markovich (415) 485-9591
Team Room
Tennis Courts (per court)

Click here for more information regarding making arrangements for an ADA accessible bathroom when using Olney Hall 96 and the Fine Arts Theatre.

If neither Cheryl Carlson nor James Kuromiya is available for room reservations, please contact Tom Hudgens at (415) 485-9374.

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Room Capacities
Room Approx. Dimensions Approx. square Ft. Seating Capacity Additional Notes
Administrative Services 101 IVC
25’ X 18’
456 sq. ft.
15–30 Conference
Art Lecture Room (FA 120) 37’ X 36’ 1200 sq. ft. 70 Smart Classroom
Choral Rehearsal FA 72) 43’ X 45’ 1750 sq. ft. 80 Irregular
Classrooms (10-60 capacity) Various Various 10-60 Various
Classrooms (10-60 capacity) (IVC) Various Various 10-60 Various
College Center 53’ X 53’ 2760 sq. ft. 150-200 Dining
Fine Arts Theatre (FA 150) 74’ X 62’ 4765 sq. ft. 604
Fusselman Hall (FH 120) 69’ X 39’ 3600 sq. ft. 135 Smart Classroom
Gymnasium 104' X 104' 10,816 sq. ft. 1000 Various
Harlan Center 124 23’ X 19’ 396 sq. ft. 12-16 Octagon
Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (FA 75) 52’ X 40’ 1930 sq. ft. 100 Irregular
Library 100 175’ X 85' 14,800 sq. ft. n/a Irregular
LRC 109 15’ X 14’8” 221 sq. ft. 8 Conference
LRC 140 17’6” X 10’9” 187 sq. ft. 8 Conference
Make-Up Room (FA 34) 32’ X 20’ 657 sq. ft. n/a Specialty
Olney Hall 96 (OH 96) 54’ X 69’ 1300 sq. ft. 400 Irregular
Science Center 101
35’ X 41’ 695 sq. ft. 80 Hexagon
Staff Lounge (SS 111) 38’ X 35’ 1200 sq. ft. n/a
Student Services A/B 186’ X 40’ 752 sq. ft. 25-35 Conference
Studio Theatre (FA 32) 70’ X 49’ 1674 sq. ft. 86 Assembly
Teleconference Room (LC 53) 22’ X 29’ 638 sq. ft. 35 Irregular

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ADA Accessibility
When planning an event it is critical to recognize the accessibility issues of the location. Seating should be set aside for older adults and those in wheelchairs. If the seating is fixed and there is no way to accommodate attendees in wheelchairs, providing closed circuit television in LC 53 is a reasonable solution.

Please contact Shelly Browning at The Nature of Interpreting to arrange for a sign language interpreter. She can be reached at (707) 953-6712 or by e-mail at

Handicapped parking is available.

Olney Hall does not have an ADA accessible bathroom. When using this space for an event you must arrange for an ADA accessible portable toilet to be on site. Please contact Kirsten Gisle, Human Resources, at (415) 485-9342 to make arrangements.

For an ADA unit with a sink the charge is

  • $255 per month
  • $60 one time delivery and removal fee
  • The unit and sink are cleaned and replenished once a week

The monthly charge is the base/minimum rate. No discounts are available if the unit is needed less than a month, however, the unit does not need to remain on site for an entire month. Units must be requested at least five (5) business days in advance.

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Three Steps to a Successful Event
Once you have determined that there is a suitable room available for your use there are some basic questions that should be answered to ensure that all aspects of the event have been taken into consideration.

Step 1: The Five W’s

Who is coordinating/responsible for the event?
Who is the contact person for the event?
Who will be paying for any costs?
Who will be attending the event and how many people are expected?

What type of event is it?
What is the title of the event?

Day? Date? Time? Is this a reccurring event?
What are the “official” start and end times for the event?

Where will this event take place? Single or multiple locations?
Do you know the building or room number?
Will this event affect other spaces near your location?
Will noise, parking, or traffic flow be an issue?

What do you want to accomplish?
What is most important?

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Step 2: The Details

Room Set Ups:
How do you want the space to look?
Does the event require a different set up that the room normally provides?
Can you supply a room diagram?
Will Maintenance & Operations be asked to set up and restore the room? Has Maintenance & Operations been contacted regarding set up (tables, chairs, extra trash receptacles, etc.), HVAC operation, and clean up time?
Has Campus Police been contacted to open and secure the building?
Have you ensured that there are accommodations for those with disabilities and the elderly?
Will food be served at the event?

Will the event require microphones, a projection screen, sound, or lights?
Will the event include a PowerPoint presentation?
Will the presentation be on disk, CD, flash drive, or networked?
Will the event require a data projector, VCR, TV, laptop, or wireless network?

Are you inviting any outside guests or speakers?
If so, have you determined their needs can be met?
Are your guests familiar with College of Marin?
Will you need to publicize your event? (Event must be approved before it is publicized.)
Will the President or any members of the Cabinet or Board of Trustees be attending or speaking?
Should the college be aware of prominent guests that will be attending?

Other Considerations:
What other events are happening on campus?
Will enough space be available to accommodate attendees?
Where will your guests park?
Will the event require campus signage or posters?
Do any of your guests have special needs? (i.e. accessibility, hearing impaired)

If an event is being publicized, the Communications and Community Relations Department will assist in designing publicity materials but the cost for printing these materials will need to be covered by the respective department. Please allow plenty of advance time to accomplish these tasks.

Outdoor event signs may be ordered through Reprographics to assist in guiding people to the event, but these services also incur cost and require advance time to order.

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Step 3: Department Contacts

Facilities Use Desk
Cheryl Carlson (415) 883-1318
Cheryl is the primary facilities use coordinator for events at College of Marin. Please send all forms to her via intercampus mail.

Office of Communications and Community Relations
Cathy Summa-Wolfe, Director of Communications and Community Relations (415) 485-9528.
Nicole Cruz, Administrative Assistant (415) 485-9528

Contact the Office of Communications and Community Relations once the venue has been secured. This office can provide you with the following services such as publication of event in the President’s Monday Briefing, calendar listings to media, COM online calendar of events, as well as design work and printed material. Approximately one month in advance, please provide a description of the event, a biography for each performer or speaker, and include the following information:

  • Name of the event
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s)
  • Location
  • Fee
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Ticket sales information

Printed Materials
College of Marin Reprographics supports several thousand projects per academic year, and offers a wide variety of products and services. To publicize your event with printed materials, consider the following options to determine what will best serve your needs.

  • Postcards
  • Invitations
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Program Booklet

Please keep in mind that all material posted or distributed must be approved by the Communications and Community Relations Department. Please see College of Marin Board of Trustees Policy 8.0021 for more information regarding distribution or posting of materials on college property.

Planning ahead is key. Below is a general timeline to aid you in producing printed materials for your event.

  • One week to compile copy and photos
  • Two weeks for design and editing
  • One week for printing
  • One additional week if your publication needs to be mailed
  • One week for delivery of mailed publications

Please come in to Reprographics located in LC 71 or call ext. 7447 to discuss your project.

Maintenance & Operations
The Maintenance & Operations Office (M&O) should be contacted if additional tables, chairs, trash receptacles, etc. need to be brought to a space for the event. College of Marin shuts down HAVC units over the weekend in order to conserve energy. Therefore, M&O should also be notified in regard to HVAC operation for weekend events. Requests for services should be submitted by filling out a work order at least 14 days in advance. Please be advised that custodial overtime costs for events may be incurred and charged to your department. Make sure you have identified your funding source to cover setup, tear-down, and cleanup. The M&O Administrative Assistant, Barbara St. John, can be reached at (415) 485-9451.

Student Affairs
Student Affairs is committed to facilitating learning that complements students’ academic goals. Purposeful, dynamic programs offer students opportunities to enhance their leadership, communication, critical thinking, social, and organizational skills. Student government, clubs, leadership courses, and orientation programs help students achieve their goals. Contact Administrative Assistant Vickie Lamke at (415) 485-9376 to book an event through Associated Students College of Marin (ASCOM) or student clubs.

Campus Police
Please inform Campus Police when you are having an event when parking and/or traffic control may be an issue. There is an officer on-duty 24 hours a day; however, officers may be on patrol and not in the office at all times. Please call to confirm personnel will be in the office to assist you. If no one is in the office when you arrive, call the police dispatch number (415) 485-9696 to determine their estimated time to return. Work Orders need to be completed in advance.

Office Locations and Phone Numbers
Kentfield Campus Office:
835 College Ave (In building TB-1, near College Ave bus stop)
Ph: (415) 485-9455 or campus ext. 7455

Indian Valley Campus Office:
1800 Ignacio Blvd (In the Corporation Yard Building)
Ph: (415) 883-3179 or campus ext. 8154

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Event Planning Checklist

Now that you have all the details taken care of, use this checklist as a guide to ensure that your planning stays on track. (The given timeline is for a large-scale event. Please note that these are only guidelines and your event might not require this level of detail.)

One Year

  • Set date and site for event
  • Develop goals and objectives
  • Develop theme

Six Months

  • Arrange facilities and services
  • Prepare event time table
  • Construct budget; set event pricing, if any
  • Specify staff responsibilities
  • Create a plan for volunteers: how many will be needed and what are their duties
  • Coordinate marketing efforts with Department of Communications and Community Relations
  • Prepare press releases
  • Prepare guests lists
  • Draft program and script
  • Arrange speakers
  • Arrange catering
  • Solicit or purchase giveaways/souvenirs
Three Months
  • Arrange site layout, media equipment, sound, and decorating
  • Prepare list of items and individuals needed at event
  • Finalize printed materials
  • Arrange for a photographer
  • Arrange for recording/taping
Two Months
  • Complete necessary equipment/service request forms
  • Mail event invitations
  • Monitor invitation response
  • Fine tune schedule and program timeline
One Month
  • Send out press releases
  • Confirm all agreements in writing with speakers, suppliers, staff
Two Weeks
  • Assemble checklist and materials for event
  • Prepare releases for invited media
  • Reconfirm all arrangements with all entities involved
  • Set seating charts
  • Review plans with electrician and other facilities staff
  • Schedule rehearsals
Two days
  • Review checklist
  • Review plans with staff
  • Secure storage of materials and equipment
  • Check handout materials
One Day
  • Check weather report for possible effect on event
  • Contact speakers/special guests to reconfirm details
  • Distribute duplicate event setup plans to staff
  • Conduct final briefings with staff on responsibilities
  • Dress rehearsal
Two Hours
  • Check room venue setup
  • Check mics and PA equipment
  • Check A/V equipment
  • Arrange handout materials
  • Check for necessary personnel
  • Check for signage in place
One Hour
  • Introduce invited speakers to other participants
  • Check on place cards
  • Check on recording/taping operator
  • Check lectern light and stage props
  • Give program participants any last minute instructions
After the event
  • Pay bills
  • Write thank you notes
  • Complete expenditures and match to budget

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Request Forms and Submission Information

Equipment and Services Request Download PDF Forms

Fine Arts/Music Equipment
If you need fine arts or music equipment, please fill out the following form then submit it to the appropriate department. A technician will contact you to discuss your specific needs and confirm equipment reservations. If you have questions while filling out this form please contact the Fine Arts Theatre Manager at (415) 485-9577 or the Music Department at (415) 485-9460.

Fine Arts/Music Equipment Request Form (PDF, 80 kb)

Media Services Equipment
If you need media devices such as laptops or projectors, please fill out the Media Services Equipment Request Form then submit it to media services. A technician will contact you to discuss your specific needs and confirm equipment reservations. If you have questions while filling out this form, please contact Media Services at (415) 485-9606.

Media Services Equipment Request Form (PDF, 80 kb)

Creating Printed Material
Please complete a Request for Design and Layout for Print Form found in Reprographics. Do you best to include as much information as possible and submit it to Reprographics.
Please come in to Reprographics located in LC 71 or call ext. 7447 to discuss your project.

Request for Services Form (PDF, 2 pages, 1.6 mb)

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Event Planning Guidelines
Technical Contact: Nicole Cruz, Assistant to Director of Communications and Community Relations, (415) 485-9648 x7648
Content Responsible: Cathy Summa-Wolfe, Director of Communications and Community Relations, (415) 485-9528