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SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I

Dear prospective students:

Thank you for your interest in Hybrid Spanish 101. As you might already know, hybrid in the name of the course implies that this is a combination of online and face-to-face learning and studying.

This class is designed for people who have time constraints but would love to learn a modern language. Our department has offered this class three times in the last year and a half and students who take it had comment how helpful it was to be able to do work on line and come to campus once a week instead of two times. I opted for hybrid rather than solely online course to help you develop conversational skills and benefit from cooperative learning as well as lectures on grammatical points.

The information below is intended to help you understand how this course works before our first meeting on January 23, and January 24, 2012, respectively.

You are required to attend class once a week, Mondays 4:10 � 6:00 for section 10578 and 12:40 � 2:30 on Tuesdays, for section #10570.

The other on line portion is done at any time convenient for you, but always by the date assigned by instructor.

We use SUPERSITE created by the editorial Vista Higher Leaning and the book Aventuras, 3rd edition, rather than Moodle. Supersite is very well designed and students enjoy using it. You will not communicate with each other through the website but will be able to communicate with me and get fed back regarding your work. You could use other means (skype) if you wish to speak to each other out of scheduled class. I will send all announcements through supersite, where you log on as soon as you have your code. My section will be announced under College of Marin Spanish 101 and you will follow self explanatory instructions on

As we do meet once a week, greater burden is on you and you must have the discipline to do the online portion timely. If you for any reason cannot make our first meeting, you MUST contact me beforehand to save your spot as I do honor wait lists.

You should also get mycom portal account as I do use it during the school year, but please use my address to e-mail me.

Information about getting a MyCOM account, read the FAQ's on the MyCOM Portal login page

I hope this email answers your preliminary questions. If you have any doubts, please email me. My e-mail is

Course Materials

Adventuras 3rd edition, (VHL)Aventuras Workbook and supersite code. If you buy new book at COM bookstore you will get all three for approximately $200.00 You may buy used books/workbooks, but in that case, you will need to buy supersite code for$50.00 on the website.

I love teaching Spanish and am looking forward to an exciting semester with you all: I do require that you come to weekly meetings except when ill or in family emergencies. Looking forward to meeting you.


Su profesora

Radi�a Ostojic-Portello

Professor of Spanish
Modern Languages Department, College of Marin