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KIN 119 / HED 119: Effective Teaching Strategies in Wellness and Fitness


Thank you for your interest in KIN 119 / HED 119: Effective Teaching Strategies in Wellness and Fitness!



This class meets in Moodle. Access the class website via the MyCom Portal, MyCOM Portal login page. Please select the Distance Education Tab. Then, click on the link to Moodle at the top right of your screen. On the COM Distance Education Homepage, we also have some survival tips and resources posted for you under Student Support Services: Additionally, there is an important note that you should read and heed at the top right of your Moodle home screen: "Closing this browser does not end your session. In order to end a session you must click on Logout (top right side of browser window). If you do not log out, your session will remain active. The next person to use this computer will have full access to your account."



Announcements will be posted every week on Monday mornings. Our class week will run from Monday morning until Sunday night. All assignments will be due by 11:55pm Sunday night of the week it is due. No campus visits are required. The course, however, is not a self-paced course but an online community of learners working through the 17-week long course together. Class participation entails communicating with each other via the postings in the discussion forums and this is an integral part of the success of this class.



You should expect to spend 3-6 hours a week on this class. If this were a traditional class you would have to meet for a 3-hour lecture each week and then spend another 3 hours reading, studying, writing papers etc. Please plan on spending an equal amount of time on this class. The good news is you can do the work whenever you want, within the course weekly deadlines.



All enrolled students are required to login to the class Moodle website between 6 pm Monday, August 19 and 6 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2013 to hold their spot in the class. If a registered student does not login to the class site during this 24-hour period, his or her spot may be given to a student on the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist or attempting to add the course, email the instructor, Dr. Cheryl Rogow, as soon as possible to indicate your desire to take the course and to receive course start up information. Please include your name, the section number of the class you wish to add, and your COM Student ID (if you have one) in your email.



Schempp, G. (2003) Teaching sport and physical activity - Insights on the road to excellence. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. ISBN 0736033874


• BOOK PURCHASES: Students may purchase their books online by visiting COM's online bookstore, or students may buy the books at the COM campus. Please purchase the editions listed, since content and pagination in old editions of texts do not match with course assignments. This is not a course where you can get by without reading the assigned texts because the quizzes and assignments are based on specific text passages.


Take care-   Dr. Rogow