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ENGG 111 Computer Tools for Scientists and Engineers: Spreadsheets

General Description 

ENGG 111 is a 1-unit introduction to computer tools and techniques useful for data analysis, problem solving, and communication in science/engineering coursework and professional activities. Students learn to use spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel) to perform routine data analysis, including use of mathematical equations, statistical analysis, graphing, curve fitting, and a variety of numerical problem-solving techniques, and also to communicate analytical results according to standard practices in science and engineering.


 Math 103 or 103AB or 103XY or sufficient score on the Math Assessment Test.  Students must submit proof of prerequisite in order to enroll in the course.

Access Requirements

  No campus visits are required.  The course will be administered using a class web site in Moodle that is accessed via the MyCOM student portal.  This website will contain information and links to all required features of the course.  Students are expected to access the web site on a weekly basis in order to view course content and complete assignments; failure to do so may result in being dropped from the course.  Students are also expected to regularly check their email account (or forward it to an account that is checked regularly) in order to receive important announcements or other e-mail communications from the instructor.

Students will view and complete interactive video/spreadsheet tutorials that explain, demonstrate, and reinforce the concepts and skills in the course.  Students may also choose to participate in weekly online class question-and-answer sessions using freely available web-conferencing software (CCC Confer/Elluminate), which allows real-time interaction between students and instructor.  These sessions will be archived for later viewing.

In order to evaluate successful achievement of the course learning objectives, students will be expected to complete and upload weekly homework assignments, a more comprehensive project assignment (due at the end of the course), and both a Midterm Exam and a Final Exam that will be administered during specified dates.  These exams can be taken either online or in person at the College of Marin Kentfield Campus.

Software Requirements

In addition to internet capability, students will need to have access to Microsoft Excel (preferably 2007 or newer) in order to succeed in the course.  Students can freely access this software at any College of Marin student computer lab.

First Day of Class Instructions 

All students officially enrolled in the course will be able to access the Moodle course web site via MyCOM once the course begins.  In order to demonstrate intent to participate in the course, you must access the course website by the end of the first week of classes.  If you are unable to access the course website, you must email the instructor at before this deadline.  

For additional information, or if you are attempting to add the course, please e-mail the instructor at