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College of Marin Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Development


Strategic Plan 2012-2015


Strategic Plan Task Force (SPTF) Meeting Materials:

Focus Groups and Surveys/Internal Scan

Focus Group Process (09-21-2011)

  • First, the following plan was created to prepare for the development of the Strategic Plan 2012-2015:
    • Focus Group Plan (Student Survey, Faculty/Staff Survey-Chialin’s Proposal 09-21-2011, updated 09-26-2012, 10-20-2011)
  • To meet the Focus Group Plan's requirements, eight focus groups were established. Each focus group met and was divided into smaller subgroups (i.e., Groups A, B, C) whose members were asked to do the following:
    • determine what questions/topics/issues each member would like to see included in the survey;
    • share each individual's preferred questions/topics/issues with the other members of their subgroup;
    • collectively agree upon five questions/topics/issues to be used for the creation of survey questions for their focus group's targeted survey group (i.e., each subgroup within the Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) Focus Group presented their agreed upon topics/issues to be included in the Student Survey; each subgroup within the Academic Senate, Management Council, Academic Senate and other Focus Groups listed below presented their agreed upon questions/topics/issues to be included in the Faculty/Staff Survey);
    • also include member's individual preferred questions/topics/questions in their report.
  • The eight focus groups' results can be found in the following links:
  • The president's Cabinet and the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) studied all focus group results, a summary of which can be found in the following link:
  • Based upon their review of the summary and all the focus group results, the PRAC, the Educational Planning Committee, the Research Advisory Group, and the president's Cabinet extracted and finalized the final topics and questions for the survey. (Please see the survey information below.)

Student Survey

Faculty/Staff Survey

Educational Master Plan

Strategic Plan 2009-2012

President's Goals 2011-2012

Accreditation Recommendations (Follow-Up Report 2011)

External Scan/Community Image Research

Distance Education Faculty Survey Summary and Report

Technology Plan Student Survey and Faculty/Staff Survey



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