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Spring 2011


Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness Group (PRIE)

Melody Creel
Barbara David
Chialin Hsieh, PRIE Director
Kathleen Kirkpatrick

Research Advisory Group (RAG)

Jim Arnold, Dean
Yolanda Bellisimo, Faculty
Eric Dunmire, Faculty
Sara McKinnon, Faculty
Blaze Woodlief, Faculty

Cabinet Members:

Linda Beam, HR Executive Director
David Wain Coon, President
Angelina Duarte, VP SL
Al Harrison, VP Operation
Laura McCarty, Modernization Director
Cathy Summa Wolfe, Communications Director

Other Staff:

Bob Balestreri, Dean of Enrollment Services
Matt Markovich, PE Director
Anna Pilloton, Outreach and School relations Coordinator
Nanda Schorske , Dean of Workforce Development, College and Community Partnerhsips
Greta Siegel, Dean of Student Development
David Snyder, Dean of Huimanities
Cari Torres, Director of OIM
Susan Andrien, Director of Leaning Resources
Julie Oyle, Staff
Laurie Loeffler, Staff
Kathy Takemoto, Staff
Faye Mueller, Instructional Specialist, Testing and Distance Education


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