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Dashboard Needs and Dialogue



Dear Dashboard Pilot Group:
I am just checking in about your experiences with our Dashboard System.

It has been awhile since last time we trained you individually on it. (Here is the link to the directions )

Although we have already received some great feedback, please provide yours if you have not already done so.

Our plan is to provide access to all staff, faculty and administrators in fall 2011. (See the following link for the plan timeline: )

Look forward to hearing from you. (Call, meet in person, email, or whatever works for you…)



Chialin:  I have used the dashboard system a little bit and it is very interesting.  I would like to have another 1 or 2 training on it.  Maybe I need to start with brain storming of what I wish to get out of the dashboard and then ask you how to get that. Maybe when summer starts I can get a little training.



Sounds great!

If you can email me a couple of/several questions, I may be able to help you quicker??

For example,

  • Is my athletic cohort students (2009 cohort or 2010 cohort) performing better than non-athletic cohort students in English 120, or Math 98?
  • Is there any relationship between gender on athletic cohort students’ performance in English XXX or Math XXX?
  • Is there any relationship among race on athletic cohort students’ performance in English XXX or Math XXX?
  • What was the picture of my athletic cohort students in terms of transfer rate, degree awarded, or certificates awarded?
  • What was the enrollment trend for my athletic students?


Just a thought!

If you can come up with some questions you have in your mind, we will be able to help you “find” your results!!



Thanks Chialin:  I will do that. And let you know.




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