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Chapter 5: Student Services

Note: Not all Board Policies have a related Administrative Procedure.

AP 5010      Admissions
AP 5011      Admission of High School and Other Young Students
AP 5012      International Students
AP 5013      Students in the Military
AP 5015      Residence Determination
AP 5020      Nonresident Tuition
AP 5030      Fees
AP 5031      Instructional Materials Fees
AP 5035      Withholding of Student Records
AP 5040      Student Records and Directory Information
AP 5045      Student Records - Challenging Content and Access Log
AP 5050      Matriculation
AP 5052      Open Enrollment
AP 5055      Enrollment Priorities (Revised 2/18/2014)
AP 5070      Attendance
AP 5075      Credit Course Adds and Drops (Revised 7/21/2015)
AP 5110      Counseling 
AP 5120      Transfer Center
AP 5130      Financial Aid
AP 5140      Disabled Student Services and Programs
AP 5150      Extended Opportunity Programs and Services
AP 5170      Children's Center
AP 5200      Student Health Services
AP 5210      Communicable Disease
AP 5300      Student Equity
AP 5400      Associated Students Organization
AP 5410      Associated Students Elections
AP 5420      Associated Students Finance 
AP 5510      Off-Campus Student Organizations
AP 5520      Student Discipline and Due Process (Revised 9/15/2015)
AP 5530      Student Grievances
AP 5570      Student Credit Card Solicitation
AP 5610      Voter Registration
AP 5800      Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions


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