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College of Marin Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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Strategic Plan 2010–2011 Tracking

Improve Student Success—Updates


Strategic Objective

Action Step


Responsible Party

What activities did you or will you do to achieve each action step?

What is or will be the assessment & evidence for each action step?

What are the outcomes/results for each strategic objective?

Priority 2: Develop, implement, and evaluate a college-wide plan for student retention and success


2.2 Implement and evaluate the tool for tracking student retention and success.

(Champion: Director of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness)

. .

2.2.1 Revise the program review reporting requirements to include responses to:
- The discipline’s strengths and weaknesses as identified in the Student Success and Retention Report (product of Action Step 2.1.3); and
- At least one specific strategy that will be used in the coming academic year to address identified weaknesses in student success and retention.

(PRIE & Student Learning)

Developed SLO Tracking Tool to help faculty analyzing SLO assessment results.



Student Services SLO coordinator was funded and started the process in Student Services area for SLO.



Results from the SLO assessments (pre- and post assessment) for the college as a whole will be analyzed and shared in the end of May.



Draft Student Services SLO assessment plan was developed and was in the process of sharing.



Dialogue from the SLO assessments will be incorporated into program review results in order to be part of the resource allocation evidence.



Dialogue from the Draft Student Services SLO assessment plan was incorporated into the College Assessment Plan.

The Program Review Committee met in May 2011 to evaluate the program review template and to assess whether parts of our old discipline review template should be incorporated into the program review template.  We also discussed ways in which to document SLO assessment results and strategies for improvement that could be linked to resource allocation.  The template has been revised for fall 2011. 





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