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College of Marin Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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Strategic Plan 2010–2011 Tracking

Improve Student Success—Updates/New Action Steps




Strategic Objective


Action Step


Responsible Party

What activities did you or will you do to achieve each action step?

What is or will be the assessment & evidence for each action step?

What are the outcomes/results for each strategic objective?

Priority 2: Develop, implement, and evaluate a college-wide plan for student retention and success


2.3 Establish a college-wide plan to improve student retention and success by annually documenting the results of the discipline-specific strategies to improve student retention and success.





2.3.1  Support and enable strategic objectives of the college by providing timely and accurate quarterly and annual financial reports to the State Chancellor’s Office, Federal Agencies, the Board of Trustees, our external auditors.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services

File timely and accurate quarterly and annual financial and budget reports with the State Chancellor's Office and Federal Agencies  - 311, 311-Q, IPEDS, Tentative Budget, Adoption Budget, Mandated Costs for Preparing all audit workpapers, conversion entries and financial statements for the annual audit performed by external auditors for the district and the specific semi-annual audits for Measure C.

Serve as the primary MCCD contact to the external auditors, coordinate all fieldwork for the  audit report for the general fund, and all required categorical reporting.

File timely and accurate 320's with the State Chancellor's Office.

Post journal entries, cash deposits, payrolls and related benefits, interfaces from student and financial aid, invoice payments, etc. to ensure the general ledger reflects proper accounting of all transactions.

Reconcile cash accounts on a monthly basis and other accounts periodically to ensure records are maintained accurately for the year-end audit.

Closely monitor Measure C Bond expenditures to ensure proper accounting.

Maintaining fixed asset details, depreciation calculations, and performing periodic inventories of fixed assets.


311 for FYE 6/30/10

311-Q’s for quarters ended 9/30/10, 12/31/10, 3/31/11, and 6/30/11

IPEDS for FYE 06/30/10


Claims for Mandated Costs

All required categorical reporting for FYE 2010/11

Annual audit

Bond audits

All compliance requirements were met to ensure no adverse actions by regulatory agencies.





2.3.2 Support and enable strategic objectives of the college by managing the planning and budgeting process so that financial resources are available when needed.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services


Plan for short- and long-range goals and objectives for ongoing and special budget, finance, auditing, and reporting requirements.

Develop the Tentative and Adoption Budget documents for the Board of Trustees, and ensure the budgets get posted into the correct accounts in the general ledger.

Tentative Budget for 2010/11

Adoption Budget for 2010/11

Tentative Budget for 2011/12

Financial Board presentations throughout FYE 2010/11

Areas of financial conflict are identified in advance so that corrective action is taken to allow college operations to continue without unanticipated financial obstacles.



2.3.3  Support and enable strategic objectives of the college by ensuring sufficient cash availability for fluctuating needs.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services


Develop cash flow statements, resolutions and other documents required for the TRAN, Measure C, and any other borrowings, debt repayments, and general operating needs for the district.

Make timely cash deposits of district funds received.

Manage the cash flow, draw downs and positive pay interfaces.

Closely monitor Measure C Bond expenditures to ensure adequacy of funding.

Issue $9.2 million TRAN

Develop cash flow statements

Issue up to $99.5 million for bond project

Cash needs are identified in advance and college operations have sufficient cash to continue uninterrupted





2.3.4  Support and enable strategic objectives of the college by providing daily operational support for payroll, benefits, accounts payable and purchasing.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services

Process payrolls for all district employees including ACH transmissions, printing and issuing checks, depositing Federal, State, OASDI, medicare and other deductions in a timely manner.

Timely filing of quarterly and annual payroll tax reports, issuing W-2s, processing special checks, processing pay adjustments received from HR.

Process all employee benefits and deductions as appropriate, and annual open enrollment.

Review and process all requisitions and budget transfers to ensure proper accounting for purchases.

Maintain financial records for all associated student bodies, reconcile cash accounts, review and approve purchase orders, pay invoices, prepare the 990 tax forms, issue emergency loans to students, follow up for collection on those loans, research inconsistencies between minutes and requests, process rush invoices, etc.

Timely payment of all vendor invoices, issuing 1099s, and responding to inquiries.

Timely distribution of all purchase orders to vendors.

Invoice and collection for all third party payors, event rentals, retiree and COBRA benefits, etc.

Process retroactive payrolls for wages and benefits as appropriate.


Vendor checks issued weekly

Purchase orders issued daily

W-2’s and 1099’s issued annually

Payroll and sales tax reports

Financial aid checks issued throughout year

Open enrollment for health benefits

Journal entries

Bank reconciliations

Cash deposits

College employees are able to conduct work daily without interruption and to acquire and pay for the services and materials needed for college employees to perform their work.




2.3.5  Support college student objectives by providing financial aid checks in a timely manner and managing the campus bookstore to ensure that student materials are available when needed.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services

Timely payment to financial aid recipients, about 10,000 checks.

Manage the campus bookstore to ensure hours of service are provided to students, availability of books and supplies, etc.

Bookstore hours of operation

Availability of books

New programs for students – book rentals

Ensures students have access to needs for their classes.



2.3.6  Support and enable strategic objectives of the college by providing timely information and assistance to other college departments.

Timeline  FY 2010/11

Responsible Party  Fiscal Services

Develop Board presentations and other requests to support the V.P. of College Operations.

Work with IT to develop and manage tools used by other departments for budget development, SSB.

Manage and maintain Banner security for Finance, provide end users with fund/org access and appropriate approval queues. 

Support other departments to help them meet their goals and objectives:  e.g., provide financial information to Human Resources during collective bargaining, provide support to categorical funds to assist in tracking their expenditures and meeting their budget objectives, act as a resource to other departments to respond to their questions about their budgets and remaining resources, provide training on the Finance module to assist other departments manage their budgets, attend Board, COC, Resource Allocation Committee, Self-Study Sessions for Financial Resources, and other meetings in support of district objectives, etc.

Collective bargaining team

Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC)

Self-study committee

Citizens Oversight Committee

All Associated Student Bodies

Other meetings to support district objectives

Departments receive advice and information as needed to carry out their activities and be successful in using college systems and processes to meet their objectives.



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