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Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

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Objective 1: Enrollment Management 
Objective 2: Instructional Technology   
Objective 3: Distance Education   
Objective 4: Professional Development for Instructional Technology   
Objective 5: Student Success Initiatives   
Objective 6: Teaching and Learning Strategies   
Objective 7: K-12 Community Partnership   
Objective 8: Facilities Plan   
Objective 9: Technology Plan   
Objective 10: Assessment, Program Review, and Resource Allocation   
Objective 11: Fiscal Stability and Economic Development Plan   
Objective 12: Financial Planning and Budget   
Objective 13: Communication with Community

Tracking System for Evidence for Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Action Steps


Evidence Outstanding

Deliverables Outstanding from Champions 07-07-2014 (pdf) (past due)




strategic objective 2012-2013 action step evidence 2013-2014 ACTION STEP EVIDENCE percent complete
july 2015


1. Enrollment Management: Develop and implement a sustainable District wide enrollment management plan that is aligned with the District's mission and goals and that periodically assesses students' needs in courses and class scheduling practices for degree completion, transfer, and certifications.

Progress Report: 1 (Year 1)

1.1 EV1 Master Schedule Group Meeting Agenda and Meeting Summary 03-26-2013
1.1 EV2 Master Schedule Template-Monday Classes
1.1 EV3 Master Schedule Outlook Tool Example
1.1 EV4 2012 Full Program Review Student Access and Success Sections
1.1 EV5 Basic Skills Data
1.1 EV6 SAS Program Review 2013
1.1 EV7 Student Achievement Report 2013
1.2 EV1 Psychology AA-T Example
1.2 EV2 Master Schedule Outlook Tool Example
1.2 EV3 Enrollment Processes FINAL Report
1.2 EV4 Process Improvement Items
1.3 EV1 Master Schedule Template for IGETC Pattern
1.3 EV2 Master Schedule Group Agenda of 03-26-2013 and Summary
1.3 EV3 Master Schedule Group Agenda of 4-16-2013 and Summary
1.3 EV4 Master Schedule Group Agenda of 04-23-2013 and Summary
1.3 EV5 Master Schedule Group Agenda of 5-16-2013
1.3 EV6 Master Schedule Outlook Tool Example
1.4 EV1 Basic Skills Data
1.5 EV1 Enrollment Priorities 5055
1.5 EV2 Enrollment Priorities Notification
1.5 EV3 Enrollment Priority Email to Students
1.6 EV1 Enrollment and Registration Questions
1.6 EV2 Process Improvement Work Plan
1.6 EV3 Enrollment Processes FINAL Report
1.6 EV4 Process Improvement Items

Progress Report: 1 (Year 2)

1.1 EV1 Top Majors at UC

1.1 EV2 CSU Impacted Programs Matrix

1.2 EV1 Business Discipline Certificate Grid

1.2 EV2 IVC Master Schedule
1.2 EV3 DegreeWorks Spring 2014 Degree and Certificate Ed Goals

1.3 EV1 1440 Degrees Update

1.3 EV2 IGETC Master Schedule Spring 2014-Monday
1.3 EV3 Spring 2015 IVC Master Schedule

1.4 EV1 Strategic Enrollment Management - An Approach to Planning at COM (draft 02-05-2014)

1.5 EV1 2014 Registration Priority Schedule

1.5 EV2 Administrative Procedure 5055 - Enrollment Priorities

1.5 EV3 Fall 2014 Enrollment Priorities (PowerPoint)

1.5 EV4 Request for Military Pre-Priority Enrollment
1.5 EV5 Portal Dashboard
1.5 EV6 Fall 2014 Registration Data Update

1.6 EV1 Chairs Student Success Update 12-03-2013

1.6 EV2 Project BUG

1.6 EV3 Updates from Dean of Enrollment Services (Nov. 2013)

1.6 EV4 Portal Dashboard


2. Instructional Technology: Implement the Instructional Technology section of the COM Technology Plan and evaluate its success.

Progress Report: 2 (Year 1)

2.1 EV1 Status of Lab and Classroom Computers (with domains)
2.2  NA
2.3  NA
2.4  NA

Progress Report: 2 (Year 2)

2.1 EV1 COM Status Report 1-17-2014

2.1 EV2 Illustration of Domain Changes and Organization

2.1 EV3 Infrastructure Upgrades 2013 BOT Objective 2

2.2 EV1 Track It! link and information

2.2 EV2 Track It! tutorial
2.2 EV3 Progress Report on Quick Response

2.3 EV1 Infrastructure Projects Objective 2

2.3 EV2 Project Charter-Server Upgrades Objective 2


3. College of Marin Distance Education Plan 2012-2015: Implement the COM Distance Education Plan 2012-2015 and evaluate its success.

Progress Report: 3 (Year 1)

3.1 Link in the report
3.2 Link in the report
3.3  NA
3.4  NA
3.5 Link in the report
3.6 EV1 ADA Training Sessions for Academic Year 2012-2013
3.6 EV2 DE Course sections evaluated for ADA Compliance during Academic year 2012-2013
3.7 Link in the report
3.8 EV1 Student Moodle Home Page
3.8 EV2 Using Training Evaluation Results
3.8 EV3 Moodle Training Sessions for Academic Year
3.9 EV1 Student Moodle Home Page
3.10  NA
3.11 Link in the report
3.12 Moodle Production Team Meeting Schedule

Progress Report: 3 (Year 2)

3.2 EV1 DE Program SLOs
3.2 EV2 Support for SLO2 Links to MoodleHelp
3.2 EV3 Support for SLO1 DE website and Welcome Letters visits tabulation
3.2 EV4 Support for SLO1 Tabulation of Student Requests to MoodleHelp

3.3 EV1 Student Self-Evaluation Smarter Measure login
3.3 EV2 Student Self-Evaluation Reports

3.5 EV1 Instructions to Access Moodle through the MyCOM Portal
3.5 EV2 Updated AP4105, revised 5/1/2014 (p. 2, Student Authentication)

3.6 EV1 ADA Best Practice Reminders Hints and Tips
3.6 EV2 Preparing Word Documents using Universal Design Practices
3.6 EV3 ADA DSPS Checklist for Universal Design
3.6 EV4 List of Course Sites Reviewed for Accessibility (new)

3.7 EV1 Sample Agendas from CCC DE Coordinators Monthly Meetings

3.8 EV1 Moodle Trainings during AY 2013-2014
3.8 EV2 Sample President’s Briefing Announcements of Moodle Open Labs
3.8 EV3 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on DE Student Support page
3.8 EV4 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on DE Faculty Support page
3.8 EV5 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on Moodle front page

3.9 EV1 Ask-A-Counselor web page
3.9 EV2 Online Tutoring web page
3.9 EV3 Online Library Services
3.9 EV4 Assessment and Testing Online Services
3.9 EV5 Online Writing Center

3.9 EV6 Online Counseling and Online Tutoring Use Statistics


4. Professional Development for Instructional Technology: Expand and evaluate faculty and student training opportunities that support the effective use of instructional technology (including Moodle and smart classroom use) both in face-to-face and online learning environments.

Progress Report: 4 (Year 1)

4.1  NA
4.2 EV1 ADA Training Sessions for Academic Year 2012-2013
4.2 EV2 DE Course sections evaluated for ADA Compliance during Academic year 2012-2013
4.3 EV1 Student Moodle Home Page
4.3 EV2 Using Training Evaluation Results
4.3 EV3  Moodle Training Sessions for Academic Year
4.4 Link in the report
4.5 EV1 Using Training Evaluation Results
4.5 EV2 Technology Training Sessions for Academic Year 2012-2013

Progress Report 4 (Year 2)

4.1 EV1 Student Self-Evaluation Smarter Measure login
4.2 EV2 Student Self-Evaluation Reports

4.2 EV1 ADA Best Practice Reminders – Hints and Tips
4.2 EV2 Preparing Word Documents using Universal Design Practices
4.2 EV3 ADA DSPS Checklist for Universal Design
4.2 EV3 List of Course Sites Reviewed for Accessibility (new)

4.3 EV1 Moodle Trainings during academic year 2013_2014
4.3 EV2 Sample President’s Briefing Announcements of Moodle Open Labs
4.3 EV3 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on DE Student Support page
4.3 EV4 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on DE Faculty Support page
4.3 EV5 Moodle Open Labs Announcements on Moodle front page

4.4 EV1 Recommended CCCCO Sponsored Training

4.5 EV1 How to add mail to iPhone

4.5 EV2 How to forward MyCOM email
4.5 EV3 Track-It! user instructions transcript and URL for video






5. Student Success Initiative: Building on the analyses of the discipline-specific Student Access and Success program review sections and College of Marin Data Dashboard data, develop and implement a comprehensive, integrated District wide Student Success Initiative, which will include the evaluation of student retention and success, academic progress and program/degree completion.


Progress Report: 5 (Year 1)

5.1 EV1 Full Program Review-Student Access & Success Sections

5.1 EV2 Basic Skills Data

5.1 EV3 Copy of Rec6 May2013

5.1 EV4 SAS Program Review 2013

5.1 EV5 Student Data

5.1 EV6 Student Achievement Report 2013
5.2 EV1 Time to Degree Data
5.2 EV2 Basic Skills Data
5.2 EV3 Student Achievement Report 2013
5.3 2012-13 Program Reviews:
5.3 EV1 Admissions and Records
5.3 EV2 Assessment & Testing
5.3 EV3 Counseling
5.3 EV3 Financial Aid
5.3 EV4 Outreach
5.4 EV1 AP5055 Enrollment Priorities-Rev.
5.4 EV2 AP5055 Enrollment Priorities-Approved by Acad. Senate 3-14-2013 for Board of Trustees
5.4 EV3 Media Advisory-Student Briefing Priority Enrollment Changes 03-22-2013
5.4 EV3 Enrollment Priority Email to Students
5.5 EV1 College Readiness Webinar
5.5 EV2 College Student Success Research Outcomes and Proven Best Practices
5.5 EV3 Chancellor's Office Student Success Update (by Patrick Perry)
5.5 EV4 Managers/Supervisors Meeting 03-21-2013
5.5 EV5 New Student Orientation Work Group Charge
5.5 EV6 On Course Conference Participation
5.5 EV7 Process Improvement Work Group Charge
5.5 EV8 Student Success Curriculum Work Group
5.5 EV9 Student Success Act of 2012 Implementation Update March 2013
5.5 EV10 College Success Saturday
5.5 EV11 CSS Counseling Prep
5.5 EV12 Enrollment Processes FINAL Report
5.5 EV13 Operationalizing Student Success
5.6 EV1 COM Follow Up for Degree Works Kickoff and Technical Training (Oct. 2012)
5.6 EV2 EDW Implementation - Project Status Report
5.6 EV3 Degree Works Counselor Training Information
5.6 EV4 Degree Works Training Sesion - Agenda
5.6 EV5 Degree Works Go Live Checklist
5.6 EV6 Degree Works Agenda - End User Training
5.6 EV7 Notes for Degree Works
5.7 EV1 Alert Intervention Group Charge
5.7 EV2 Early Intervention Webinar
5.7 EV3 Advocate Alert Software Demonstration
5.7 EV4 Early Alert DRAFT Survey for Faculty
5.7 EV5 Early Alert Survey for Faculty
5.7 EV6 Operationalizing Student Success 
5.8 EV1 Data Information
5.8 EV2 Chancellor's Information
5.8 EV3 Student Success Scorecard Report 2013
5.9 EV1 Success Implementation Update
5.9 EV2 Chancellor's Information
5.9 EV3 Student Success Prof. Dev. Workshops

Progress Report: 5 (Year 2)

5.1 EV1 CCFSSE Notice

5.1 EV2 CCSSE Notice from President

5.1 EV3 CCSSE Supplemental Questions

5.1.EV4 Developmental Math Focus Groups DRAFT Questions

5.1 EV5 Harris and Wood (2014) CCCs Policy Brief

5.1 EV6 Project Charter Developmental Math

5.1 EV7 SAS PR Reviews 2013

5.1 EV8 SAS Work Plan Fall 2013 Draft
5.1 EV9 CCSSE & CCFSSE Administration Summary
5.1 EV10 SAS Program Review 2014 draft

5.2 EV1 Time to Degree

5.3 EV1 DSPS 2014 Program Review

5.3 EV2 EOPS Program Review 2013-2014

5.3 EV3 Transfer and Career Center Program Review 2013-2014

5.4 EV1 AP5055E Enrollment Priorities Revised 2-18-2014

5.4 EV2 Enrollment Priorities Notification

5.4 EV3 Priority Registration Screenshot

5.4 EV4 Enrollment Priority Group Mtg. Minutes 03-31-2014

5.5 EV1 COM Summer Bridge 2014 Draft

5.5 EV2 Comevo Agreement Marin rev 09-04-2013

5.5 EV3 ESL Matriculation Agenda 12-17-2013

5.5 EV4 Online Orientation Meeting Agenda

5.5 EV5 Project Charter Orientation

5.5 EV6 Screenshot of Portal online appointments-Counseling and ATC

5.5 EV7 Scripts Online Orientation 2(2)

5.5 EV8 Student Services Work Plan

5.5 EV9 Welcome Page for Online Orientation

5.5 EV10 BOT Student Success Update (PowerPoint)

5.5 EV11 CIO-CSSOSSSPO Update Breakout 03-13-2014
5.5 EV12 link and content of "Testing" web page

5.6 EV1 Counseling Dept. Mtg. Agenda 01-14-2014

5.6 EV2 Counseling Dept. Mtg. Summary 02-06-2014

5.6 EV3 DegreeWorks Modifications Ongoing

5.7 EV1 Advocate Questionnaire for PreKickOff FullCARE

5.7 EV2 Alert and Intervention

5.7 EV3 COM CARE Letter Template

5.7 EV4 Early Alert DRAFT Survey for Faculty

5.7.EV5 Intervention and Support Process at COM Chairs Mtg. 03-04-2014

5.7 EV6 Project Charter Early Alert

5.8 EV1 Dashboard Concept SLOs

5.8 EV2 Draft SLO Questions on Annual Report

5.8 EV3 Proposed System Goals

5.9 EV1 MIS Data Elements Work Group Summary to date

5.9 EV2 MIS Meetings

5.9 EV3 SSSP Funding Guidelines Final 03-12-2014

5.9 EV4 SSSP Plan Template 2014-2015

5.9 EV5 Student Equity Plan final



6. Teaching and Learning Strategies: Develop, implement, and evaluate teaching and learning strategies that improve student success.

Progress Report: 6 (Year 1)

6.1 EV1 Student Achievement web page

6.1 EV2 Student Achievement Rpt. 2013
6.2  NA
6.4  NA

Progress Report: 6 (Year 2)

6.1 EV1 2014 ACCJC Annual Report Final

6.1 EV2 2014 ACCJC Annual Report Data Sources

6.3 EV1 Fall 2013 FIG Final Report

6.3 EV2 FIG Application and Info Sheet Spring 2014

6.3 EV3 Spring 2014 FIG BSI Proposal

6.3 EV4 Spring 2014 FIG Final Report


7. K-12 Community Partnership: Establish a work group including K-12 community partners to assess and make recommendations regarding curriculum alignment, placement of recent high school graduates, and other college readiness issues.


Progress Report: 7 (Year 1)

7.1 EV1 Healthy Teens Marin Partners Program 2012
7.1 EV2 MCAN 2013 Conference Program
7.1 EV3 Deck for Marin Promise Design Institute
7.1 EV4 HS Administrators' Agenda
7.1 EV5 HS Counselors' Agenda
7.1 EV6 College Success Saturday Flyer
7.1 EV7 COM Information Session
7.1 EV8 College Success Saturday
7.1 EV9 COMPASS Overview
7.1 EV10 CSS Counseling Prep
7.1 EV11 GED Information
7.2 EV1 Student Data Presentation 3-27-12
7.2 EV2 High School Admin. Breakfast
7.2 EV3 High School Admin. Breakfast Final Agenda 2013
7.2 EV4 Student Data Presentation 3-27-2013
7.3 EV1 District Performance 2011 document (Tamalpais Union HS District)
7.3 EV2 EAP Participation Survey
7.3 EV3 EAP Web page
7.4 EV1 EAP Email Stream
7.4 EV2 EAP Marin County Data
7.5 EV1 Email Stream w/Vicki Romero, NUSD
7.5 EV2 COM Information Session
7.5 EV3 College Success Saturday
7.5 EV4 CSS Counseling Prep
7.5 EV5 CSS Welcome
7.6 EV1 California Dream Team Series Summary document
7.6 EV2 Test Preparation Workshop
7.7 EV1 02-12-2013 email from D. Fraites
7.7 EV2 Accuplacer PDF
7.7 EV3 Math Graph
7.7 EV4 COMPASS Overview
7.7 EV5 Math Dept. Meeting
7.8 EV1 MP Outcomes and Indicators
7.8 EV2 Implementation of Student Success Task Force Recommendations

Progress Report: 7 (Year 2)

7.1 EV1 Advisory Council Agenda (03-2014)

7.1 EV2 Advisory Council Agenda (05-2014)

7.1 EV3 College Enrollment Action Team Charter (draft 3-24-2014)

7.1 EV4 COM Summer Bridge 2014 (draft)

7.1 EV5 COMPASS Short Version

7.1 EV6 COMPASS Actionables (draft)

7.1 EV7 High School Graduation Action Team Notes (02-2014)

7.1 EV8 Marin Promise Document

7.1 EV9 Math Taskforce Mtg. #4 (3-14-2014)

7.1 EV10 Notes from April Advisory Council Meeting

7.2 EV1 High School Administrator Breakfast

7.2 EV2 Priority Registration Screenshot

7.3 and

7.4 EV1 EAP Update

7.5 EV1 HS Pathways Presentation

7.6 EV1 Assessment Efforts Summary

7.6 EV2 Testing Secrets Revealed (PowerPoint)

7.6 EV3 Placement Testing website:

7.7 EV1 Assessment Efforts Summary

7.7 EV2 Math Common Core Discussions

7.8 EV1 Statewide Common Assessment Update

7.8 EV2 College of Marin, Assessment and Testing - Placement Testing web page





8. Facilities Plan: Implement and annually evaluate the COM Facilities Plan 2012, which addresses the physical plant, educational use, and District suppport of both campuses.

Progress Report: 8 (Year 1)

8.1.EV1 Prog. Summary Rpt 12-31-12
8.1.EV2 BOT Schedule 01-15-13
8.1.EV3 Director's Report 01-15-13
8.1.EV4 COM Transition Tracking 01-31-13
8.1.EV5 COM Facilities Plan
8.1 EV6 Director's Report 03-19-2013
8.1 EV7 Director's Report 04-16-2013
8.1 EV8 Director's Report 05-21-2013
8.1 EV9 Quarterly Report for 03-31-2013
8.2.EV1 Board Retreat Min. 09-15-12
8.2.EV2 Proposal by R. Beeler
8.2.EV3 Dossier for R. Beeler
8.3.EV1 Email 02-28-13 Status Update - Onuma
8.3 EV2 College Council Agenda 05-15-2013
8.3 EV3 College Council Meeting Summary 5-16-2013 (unapproved)
8.3 EV4 Draft of M&O Data
8.4.EV1 FMP Annual Review Cycle
8.4. EV2 FPC Meeting Summary 01-29-13
8.4 EV3 FPC Meeting Summary 04-23-2013

Progress Report: 8 (Year 2)

8.1 EV1 Annual performance report for Program Manager
8.1 EV2 MCCD Modernization Quarterly Report Q3 2013
8.1 EV3 FPC Mtg. Agenda of 12-04-2013
8.1 EV4 FPC Mtg. Agenda of 10-23-2013
8.1 EV5 FPC Mtg. Agenda of 09-25-2013
8.1 EV6 FPC Mtg. Summary of 10-23-2013

8.1 EV7 FPC Mtg. Summary of 09-25-2013
8.1 EV8 Master Schedule
8.1 EV9 Jacobs' Long Form Contract
8.1 EV10 Director's Report 12-10-2013FINAL
8.1 EV11 Director's Report 11-19-2013
8.1 EV12 Director's Report 10-15-2013
8.1 EV13 Director's Report 09-17-2013
8.1 EV14 Director's Report 08-20-2013
8.1 EV15 Director's Report 07-16-2013
8.1 EV16 Director's Report 06-18-2013

8.1 EV17 Prog. Summary Rpt. 09-30-2013
8.1 EV18 Quarterly Reports 

8.2 EV1 See Section C.12 in Board of Trustees Agenda of 12-10-2013 (page no. to be provided soon)
8.2 EV2 Dec. 9th Agenda for Kick-Off Meeting with Gilbane
8.2 EV3 RFP issued for Facilities Assessment on 09-02-2013
8.2 EV4 Service Agreement with Gilbane Bldg. Co. for associated RFP
8.2 EV5 Bid presentation with project timeline

8.2 EV6 MCCD - High Level Schedule (updated 07-03-2014) (new)

8.2 EV7 Gilbane-MCCD Project Review 07-01-2014 (new)

8.2 EV8 MCCD Facility Condition Assessment Report (compiled 07-08-2014) (new)

8.2 EV9 Scope Document with completion percentages M. Smyth provided per email of 07-05-2014 (new)

8.3 EV1 PG&E Information (new)

8.3 EV2 TCO Definitions

8.3 EV3 Sewer Service Information (new)

8.3 EV4 Spurr-Tegocen Information (new)

8.3 EV5 Water MMWD-NMWD Information (new)

8.3 EV6 Kentfield Campus Site Report (new)

8.3 EV7 IVC Campus Site Report (new)

8.4 EV1 Spreadsheet of Facilities Program Review Items (to be posted under evidence section of 4-23 meeting: (new)

8.4 EV2 3-26-2014 and 4-23-2014 Mtg. Summaries on Facilities Planning web page (new)

Note: FPC members also joined the PRAC members for a presentation of the Facilities condition update by Gilbane on 5-13-2014. Minutes of that mtg. can be found at

(C. Scialli to post minutes) (new)


8.4 EV3 FPC Mtg. Summary of 09-25-2013
8.4 EV4 FPC Mtg. Summary of 10-23-2013

8.4 EV5 2014 Facilities Plan - Capital Project Plan (new)

8.4 EV6 Marin CCD-Five Year Construction Plan (new)


9. Technology Plan: Implement and annually evaluate the COM 2012-2017 Technology Plan to ensure it effectively addresses the District's technology needs.



Progress Report: 9 (Year 1)

9.1. EV1 Status Report-All Tech Plan 2012-2017 Initiatives (as of 3-18-13)
9.2. EV1 Tech Plan Prioritized Initiatives
9.3. EV1 Budget request
9.3 EV2 Technology Plan Priority List
9.4. EV1 Quarterly status report on all Technology Plan 2012-2017 Initiatives (Feb. 2013)
9.5 Annual Report due in Sept. 2013.
9.6 NA

Action Step Progress Report: 9 (Year 2)

9.1 EV1Infrastructure Projects
9.1 EV2 IT Infrastructure Task Forces
9.1 EV3 Information Technology Report December 2013
9.1 EV4 Update of Technology Initiatives 3-13-2014 (new)
9.1 EV5 Status Update 07-4-2014 (new)

9.2 EV1 Tech Plan Initiative Where We Are 10-24-13
9.2 EV2 TPC Agenda 10-24-2013
9.2 EV3 TPC Minutes 10-24-2013

9.2 EV4 Technology Plan Priority List 5-12-2014 (new)

9.3 EV1 Infrastructure Upgrades 2013 BoT
9.3 EV2 Project Charter-Network Upgrade & Wi-Fi Implementation
9.3 EV3 Project Charter-PC Upgrades
9.3 EV4 Project Charter-Print Management
9.3 EV5 Project Charter-Server Upgrades
9.3 EV6 Project Charter-Voice Mail Replacement

9.3 EV7 Funding1 (new)

9.3 EV8 Funding2 (new)

9.4 EV1 COM Status Report 08-09-2013
9.4 EV2 COM Status Report 08-23-2013
9.4 EV3 COM Status Report 09-06-2013
9.4 EV4 COM Status Report 09-20-2013
9.4 EV5 COM Status Report 10-04-2013
9.4 EV6 COM Status Report 10-18-2013
9.4 EV7 COM Status Report 11-01-2013
9.4 EV8 Information Technology Report December 2013

9.4 EV9 Information Technology Report Fall 2013 (new) (to be verified if same as prev. entry - submitted twice?)

9.5 EV1 Computer Replacement Questionnaire
9.5 EV2 Tutorials
9.5 EV3 Information Technology Report December 2013

9.5 EV4 Information Technology Report Fall 2013 (new) (to be verified if same as prev. entry - submitted twice?)

9.6 EV1 TPC Minutes 10-24-2013

9.6 EV2 TAG Organizational Chart (new)

9.6 EV3 TAG-Smart Classroom (draft) (new)


10. Assessment, Program Review, and Resource Allocation: Evaluate how effectively the results from SLO assessment and program review data are linked to resource allocation.

Progress Report: 10 (Year 1)

10.1 EV1 PRAC minutes of 04-23-2013
10.1 EV2 PRAC minutes & mtg. materials of 4-30-2013
10.1 EV3 PRAC minutes & mtg. materials of 5-7-2013
10.1 EV4 PRAC minutes & mtg. materials of 5-14-2013
10.1 EV5 PRAC minutes & mtg. materials of 5-21-2013
10.1 EV6 PRAC minutes & mtg. materials of 7-9-2013
10.1 EV7 Link between SLOs, PR and Resource Allocation
10.2 PRAC minutes of 04-23-2013

Action Step Progress Report: 10 (Year 2)


10.1 EV1 Strategic Plan 10.1 Link between SLOs, PR and Resource Allocation

10.1 EV2 2012-2013 Full Program Reviews

10.1 EV3 Executive summaries of 2012-2013 full program reviews

10.1.EV4 2012-2013 Student Services Program Reviews

10.1 EV5 Administrative Services Program Reviews

10.1 EV6 2012-2013 Mini-Program Reviews

10.1 EV7 Full Time Faculty Allocation Committee Recommendations to PRAC regarding Full Time Faculty February 5, 2013 (PDF)

10.1 EV8 PRAC’s FT Faculty Recommendations to the President – February 12, 2013 (PDF)

10.1 EV9 February and March 2013 emails from President giving approval for FT Hires (PDF)

10.1 EV10 Instructional Equipment Committee Memo to PRAC May 6, 2013 (PDF)

10.1 EV11 IE Requests prioritized by IEC 5-6-2013 (PDF)

10.1 EV12 Final Software Recommendations 2012-2013 (PDF)

10.1 EV13 President’s Response to PRAC May 22, 2013 Recommendations (PDF)

10.1 EV14 IEC Award Memos from the 2012-2013 PR (PDF)
10.1 EV15 PRAC Minutes 05-20-2014

10.2 EV1 PRAC Minutes 04-23-2013 (PDF)

10.2 EV2 PRAC Minutes 05-20-2014


11. Fiscal Stability: Develop a Fiscal Stability and Economic Development Plan so that the District can effectively strengthen, monitor, and evaluate its financial health.


Progress Report: 11.1 (Year 1)

Progress Report: 11.2 (Year 1)

Progress Report: 11.3 (Year 1)

Progress Report: 11.4 (Year 1)

Progress Report: 11.5 (Year 1)

Progress Report: 11.6 (Year 1)

11.1 EV1 Sample4-yr. budget work. doc
11.1 EV2 Sample page-Medical Forecast
11.1 EV3 Email requesting info. 03-28-13
11.1 EV4 Email requesting info. 4-29-13
11.1 EV5 Mtg. w/VPSL and VPSS to review budget timeline
11.1 EV6 Draft of budget timeline
11.1 EV7 Techstream for Increment List report request
11.2 EV1 Board's Guiding Principles for Budget Development
11.2 EV2 Reserve Operating Principles Guidelines 10-09-07
11.2 EV3 Unfunded Liability Funding Plan
11.2 EV4 Resolution for energy savings
11.2 EV5 College of Marin Mission Statement
11.2 EV6 PRAC Minutes 03-12-2013 mission and enrollment mgmt. plan
11.2 EV7 Action Step 1.4
11.2 EV8 AP 5055 Enrollment Priorities Draft 02-14-2013
11.3 EV1 Description of Actions for 11.3
11.3 EV2 Mixture of evidence
11.4 EV1 Description of Actions for 11.4
11.4 EV2 Mixture of evidence
11.5 EV1 Advancement Office
11.5 EV2 BP3820 Gifts Adopted 9-18-12
11.5 EV3 BR gala Banner-2X7 
11.5 EV4 BR gala-eblast-nogala
11.5 EV5 BR gala-invitation
11.5 EV6 BR gala-MarinMag-032013
11.5 EV7 BR gala-MIJ-02032013
11.5 EV8 BR gala-MIJ-02242013
11.5 EV9 BR gala-MIJ-03032013
11.5 EV10 BR gala-PacSun-Feb28-2013
11.5 EV11 BR gala-PacSun-March7-2013
11.5 EV12 BR gala program-final
11.5 EV13 BR gala tickets
11.5 EV14 BR-poster
11.5 EV15 COM Mtn Play Gala Ad
11.5 EV16 Dashboard Adoption Dashboard ~ salesforce
11.5 EV17 DonorDatabase-evidence
11.5 EV18 DWC Public Forum-PC
11.5 EV19 Fine Arts Gallery Fundraising
11.5 EV20 Gala page Spring 13 CL
11.5 EV21 JD Theatre seating chart
11.5 EV22 Music Calendar-spring 2013
11.5 EV23 Oratorio Final Integrated
11.5 EV24 p81 Diebencorn
11.5 EV25 p81 Fall13 CL
11.5 EV26 Performing Arts Sales Sheet 0113 D
11.5 EV27 Performing Arts-Schedule-insert-Spring2013
11.5 EV28 Performing Arts-Sponsorship Kit 0113 D
11.5 EV29 Pledge Agreement 05-13
11.5 EV30 Scholarship Donation Form 5-13
11.5 EV31 Science Museum fundraising
11.5 EV32 Sponsorship Pledge Form (Gala) 11-12 print
11.5 EV33 Veterans Fund Letter 0113 D
11.6 EV1 COM Workforce Preparation Survey
11.6 EV2 Career Technical Education Online Survey
11.6 EV3 WFD Funding Summary
11.6 EV4 Evidence Summary Description

Progress Report: 11.1 (Year 2)

Progress Report: 11.2 (Year 2)

Progress Report 11.3 (Year 2)

Progress Report 11.4 (Year 2)

Progress Report 11.5 (Year 2)

Progress Report 11.6 (Year 2)


11.1 EV1 Sample of 4 yr. budget working document

11.1 EV2 Sample of modified UPM Salary Table

11.1 EV3 4-year salary forecast for SEIU

11.1 EV4 4-year salary forecast for unrepresented

11.1 EV5 4-year salary forecast for CSEA not affected by equity study

11.1 EV6 2-year salary forecast for CSEA affected by equity study

11.1 EV7 Meeting notes from Adaptive Planning


11.2 EV1 Org Chart - Student Services

11.2 EV2 Enrollment Services Reorganization Chart

11.2 EV3 Fiscal Services Org Chart

11.2 EV4 Bursar Function move to Fiscal Services

11.2 EV5 Board item for M&O and Enrollment Services changes

11.2 EV6 Org Chart - Student Learning

11.2 EV7 Board approval for 2012-13 Faculty SERP

11.2 EV8 Board approval for 2012-13 Classified SERP

11.2 EV9 Board approval for 2012-13 Management SERP

11.2 EV10 Board approval for 2013-14 SERP for employees


11.3 EV1 Upcoming Social Activities for International Students and Friends - Official Webpage

11.3 EV2 Conversation Partner Program - Official Website

11.3 EV3 Conversation Partner Program - President’s Weekly Briefing 01-23 2014
11.3 EV4 Conversation Partner Program ‐ Current Members List
11.3 EV5 Conversation Partner Program - World Passport and Flyer (PDF)

11.3 EV6 1st Annual International Education Week - Facebook Page

11.3 EV7 1st Annual International Education

President’s Weekly Briefing 11-22-2013
11.3 EV8 1st Annual International Education Week
ECHO TIMES– COM Celebrates International Education Week­‐celebrates-­‐international-­‐

11.3 EV9 1st Annual International Education Week - Flyers and Programs

11.3 EV10 1st Annual International Education Week– Photo Albums:
Photo Album I
Photo Album II

11.3 EV11 Fengtai Vocational and Technical School -­ An Exploratory
Visit Board Agenda Item– 12-6-2013, Item A.6. (PDF)

11.3 EV12 Fengtai Vocational& Technical Schools Presentation (PDF)­‐PPT/PotentialInternationalPartnershipFINAL12-­‐
11.3 EV13 Report on Fengtai Vocational School Visit (PDF)­‐PPT/BejingREPORTFINAL.pdf

11.3 EV14 21st Century Leadership: Preparing Students
for Global Citizenship (PDF)

President’s Weekly Briefing 01-16-2014
11.3 EV15 Open Forums with the Superintendent/President
President’s Weekly Briefing 03-06-2014
11.3 EV16 NAFSA Academy 11– Trainee Welcome Letter and Packet (PDF)

11.3 EV17 NAFSA Training Certificates of Completion (PDF)

11.3 EV18 Credit/Non-Credit Summer and Fall 2014 Schedule (PDF)


11.4 EV1 Facilities Use Org Budget Status (PDF)

11.4 EV2 An Intensive English Program Training Agreement between
Heiner International Education and the Marin Community College
District (PDF)


11.5 EV1 Advancement Office Update to Board of Trustees, 12-06-2013

11.5 EV2 Advancement Revenue by Program 04-29-2014

11.5 EV3 Fine Arts Gallery Opening Video

11.5 EV4 Fine Arts Fundraising campaign brochure

11.5 EV5 Fine Arts Gallery Fundraising webpage

11.5 EV6 Science Museum Fundraising Campaign

11.5 EV7 Science Museum Fundraising Brochure

11.5 EV8 First Alumni Annual Fund Mailing

11.5 EV9 Payroll deduction form

11.5 EV10 Payroll deduction promotion in President's Weekly Briefing

11.5 EV11 Scholarship donation form

11.5 EV12 Scholarship fundraising form and how to give

11.5 EV13 Scholarship giving web page information

11.5 EV14 Advancement Office staffing plan

11.5 EV15 Sample of Alumni Tell Us Your Story


11.6 EV1 Screenshot CTE COM Registration Questionnaire

11.6 EV2 Launchboard Webpage

11.6 EV3 North Bay Employment Connection (NBEC) Occupational Outlook Top Occupations

11.6 EV4 Grant and Funding Summary

11.6 EV5 Marin CCD AB 86 Adult Education Grant Application

11.6 EV6 CCPT Partnership Agreement



12. Financial Planning and Budgeting: Make financial planning and budgeting more transparent and accessible to all members of the College community.

Progress Report: 12 (Year 1)

12.1 EV1 Fiscal Services' new website in testing phase
12.1 EV2 Email announcement to COM community re launch/availability of new Fiscal Services' website

Progress Report: 12.1 (Year 2)

12.1 EV1 Website Survey Request

12.1 EV2 Fiscal Services Survey

12.1 EV3 Fiscal Services Website Survey Results




13. Communication with Community: Clearly communicate business and community assessments and feedback College wide and to the community at large.


Progress Report: 13 (Year 1)

13.1 EV1. High School Guidance Counselors Focus Groups 2011
13.1 EV2.a. College of Marin Community Image Research
13.1 EV2.b. President's Weekly Briefing (09-26-2012) re Community Engagement Survey
13.1 EV3 President's Weekly Briefing (01-24-2013) re North Bay Update
13.1 EV4 President's Weekly Briefing (01-31-2013) re Labor Market Update (titled "Newly Released Employment Statistics")
13.2  NA
13.3  NA

Progress Report: 13 (revised) (Year 2)

13.1 EV1 "Career Technical Education North Bay Update", President's Weekly Briefing, Jan. 24, 2013

13.1 EV2 "Marin County Unemployment: The Best of the Worst",President's Weekly Briefing, March 27, 2013

13.1 EV3 "An Economic Snapshot of Marin County: Lowest Unemployment Rate in CA", President's Weekly Briefing, Jan. 23, 2014

13.2 EV1 COM Workforce Preparation Employer Survey

13.2 EV2 Employer Survey Results 2013

13.2 EV3 Employer Survey Results 2014

13.2 EV4 Email request to CTE Coordinators to Survey Advisory Committees
13.2 EV5 President's Weekly Briefing, 05-23-2014

13.3 EV1 CTE Update 2014 PowerPoint Presentation

13.3 EV2 Workforce Investment Board of Marin County Agenda 03-20-2013

13.3 EV3 Workforce Investment Board of Marin County Agenda 03-19-2014

13.3 EV4 NBLC Agenda 05-30-2013

13.3 EV5 CTE Regional Mtg. Agenda 03-19-2014

13.3 EV6 Marin Economic Forum Agenda 01-24-2014

13.3 EV7 Automotive Collision Repair Technology Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV8 Administration of Justice Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV9 Automotive Technology Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV10 Court Reporting Program Student Pathway Progress Sheet 

13.3 EV11 Dental Assisting (Registered) Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV12 Early Childhood Education Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV13  Environmental Landscaping Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV14 Machine & Metals Technology Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV15 Medical Assisting Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV16 Multimedia Studies Student Pathway Progress Sheet

13.3 EV17 IVC General Education Pathway

13.3 EV18 CTE Presentations to the Community and Stakeholders




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