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College of Marin Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)_
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Strategic Plan 2010-2011 Tracking

Improve Student Access--Dates/New Action Steps



Strategic Objective

Action Step


Responsible Party

What activities did you or will you do to achieve each action step?

What is or will be the assessment & evidence for each action step?

What are the outcomes/results for each strategic objective?

Priority 1: Improve Student Access


1.3 Analyze career technical education offerings to verify that business and community needs are being met.

(Champion: Dean of Workforce Development)

. .

1.3.1 Draw from current community advisory groups and other available workforce projections to prepare a report on the status and the future of career technical education courses for the Academic Senate including

   - Changes in the business/community needs for career  technical education, and
   - Opportunities for new career technical education courses.

(Dean of Workforce Development)

Meet with Advisory committees and business community members and request input of future of the CTE courses based on industry demand.



The Regional Career Technical Education Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) continues to meet at least twice every year to evaluate programs identified for funding and support. The CTE Advisory Committee used information from the Marin Economic Forum (MEF) to analyze local and regional employment needs in our county and the negative effects of the current economy. (See attachment)

The MEF report was also reviewed by the Workforce Investment and Marin Economic Forum Boards of Marin County for additional feedback from business leaders.  In addition to the county-wide CTE advisory committees, each CTE program also has specific advisors from the industry sector related to the program.  Those program-specific advisory boards also provide guidance for workforce demands in the field.


A report on future of the CTE courses currently offered and possibilities for new course offerings based on research, industry and community input.



After full consideration by the CTE and program Advisory Committees informed by, and with the input from the Marin Economic Forum and the Workforce Investment boards, it was determined that the data does not support adding or deleting programs currently included in COM’s CTE program for 2011 – 2012.



Recommendations regarding updating and improving CTE course and program offerings.



Although the core indicators show improvement in the three areas needing improvement, we have developed multiple strategies to continue improvement in a) Student Retention and Transfer, b) Nontraditional Participation and Nontraditional Completion.

We continue to address recruitment of non-traditional students, and continue to work closely with the secondary feeder programs to help students develop “vocational identities” earlier and earlier. By addressing recruitment for non-traditional students at the high school level, we believe that we are more likely to impact and improve percentages of non-traditional participation.  We have hired a male instructor who has coordinated the Medical Assisting Program, and expect that to have a positive impact on nontraditional participation and completion in that program.  Every CTE program  is going through an entire curriculum review and revitalization (R&R) process.  That R&R process includes permanent and adjunct faculty from the CoM program with support by faculty from neighboring community college programs. Students are also play a major role as “subject matter experts” who can speak on behalf of the student as a consumer of the programs.  Advisory Committees are playing a lead role in helping to update content and bring greater commitment from the employer community in offering work-based learning opportunities.



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