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College of Marin Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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Strategic Plan 2010–2011 Tracking

Improve Student Access —Updates/New Action Steps




Strategic Objective


Action Step


Responsible Party

What activities did you or will you do to achieve each action step?

What is or will be the assessment & evidence for each action step?

What are the outcomes/results for each strategic objective?

Priority 1: Improve student access


1.2 Analyze class scheduling practices and make changes to increase the number of credit hours offered through distance education.
(Champion: VP of Student Learning)





1.2.4 Based on the data generated in Action Step 1.1.3 and the analysis conducted in Action Step 1.1.4, determine if the specific targets were met

     - for distance ed. course offerings for fall 2010 semester and
      - for faculty training.

(Director of Learning Resources)




The targets were not determined.  However, five new DE courses were offered.



Three faculty completed Moodle training in spring 2011 so that they can pilot Moodle in summer 2011.  A total of 23 faculty have been scheduled to complete Moodle training in summer 2011.  Training consists of formal training through Remote Learner and hands-on follow-up with the faculty support person.  The goal is to migrate to Moodle all courses that are currently in Blackboard for fall 11, then to migrate all courses using other LMS for spring 12.



# of DE courses increased from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012

Academic Senate DE Recommendations

DE enrollment and achievement report 2012




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