Required Text for the course:

Text:  Essentials of Business Communication, 8th Edition, by Mary Ellen Guffey, South-Western/Cengage Learning, ISBN # 0-324-58800-3 or 978-0-324-58800-2.   Here are three ways to get the book:

1.  Go to the College of Marin bookstore in Kentfield and purchase the book listed under BUS 144. This includes a website access code you will need.

2.  Call the College of Marin bookstore at (415) 485-9394 and speak with Kathy Gold about mailing the text.

3.   Go directly to the publisher’s website at Cengage Be sure and order a book with one of the above ISBN numbers since that includes your website access code.  Do this before the first week of class.

A recent price was $129 with free shipping. Check for any changes at



Optional Reference Manual

(Out of print, but occasionally can be found in used book stores or online.  Noted for its useful grammar chapters.)



The Harcourt Brace Office Handbook, by Doris H. Whalen and Brian G. Wilson, Dryden/Harcourt, ISBN # 0-03-010302-9.   This book has recently been found at

At the Launderland Laundromat there’s a big sign above the washers reading, “No Tinting or Dying.”

You can tint your wash, but if you wan to die, crawl out into the alley.  Or redo the sign to Dyeing.


Buy Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 at a discount (Under $80--Academic Proof Required)