Business Writing Resources

Here is a collection of diverse websites for you to investigate and use. 

Make note of sites you like; new ones will be added throughout the semester.


Read the “About OneLook Dictionaries” link to become familiar with this site’s powerful features.


The Internet Public Library’s mission is to serve the public by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating quality information resources.  Consulting this library will help strengthen our ability to assess information we find online.


Over 1,250 business terms are organized and cross-referenced at the Washington Post’s Business site.


The Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) World Factbook lists facts for all countries and is  prepared for the use of U.S. Government officials.  The business writer can take lessons from the Factbook’s style, format, coverage, content, and organization.   Because the Factbook is in the public domain, its contents  may be copied freely.  Always give credit to this source if you use its material. An excellent source for Economics students.


Online Resources for Writers, compiled by J. Darling, is a content-rich website with specialized links for the serious writer.


Recognized as a top 5% website by Lycos, this biography site also received recognition for contributing to the presence of Europe on the Internet.  Biographies of over 5,000 notable men and women are available here.


An excellent dictionary reference, especially for finding idioms.