Text Box: 1.)  Bookmark our class page, http://www.marin.edu/buscom 
2.)  Go to the Weekly Assignments link.  Read the chart and select a week and chapter. Read the lecture(s) for that Chapter, then click on the Assignments link and follow the homework assignment instructions for that chapter. 
3.)  Prepare your written assignments using Microsoft WORD. 
4.)  Send me an E-mail message telling me what work you are submitting and use your communications software to send your assignment as an attachment.  Be sure you key the assignment number in the subject line of your E-mail message.
5.)  Always send an E-mail or phone if you have any questions about the assignment or submitting it. You donít want to send late work.

Each assignment, beginning with our Chapter 5 work, begins with 20 points.† Points may be deducted for faults; for example, -2 for any content fault (or more, depending on the fault), -1 for minor grammar/mechanical problems.† Numbers may be converted to grades using this scale:

A = 18-20 points; B = 14-17 points; C = 8-13 points; D = 4-7 points

The final grade will be determined by writing assignments (80%), and a final exam (20%).† To determine the average writing assignment grade, add all points and divide by the total number of grades.†

We will have approximately 9-11 assignments, although this may be adjusted during the course. BUS 144 uses a letter grade system and Pass/NoPass grades must be requested upon enrollment. See Assignments for Chpt. 1 for further information about grading. Assignments must be turned in weekly. Remember that assignments submitted after the due date are decreased by one letter grade for each week they are due.†


*Consult The Harcourt Brace Office Handbook or your text for specific information on the following Harcourt pages:

For picture examples of a letter, memo, envelope, and fax coversheet, see pages 43-53.

For examples of a resume and letters of application, thank-you, acceptance, refusal, and resignation, see Chapter 13, beginning on page 263.

For examples of a business report, see Chapter 14, beginning on page 277.

Procedures and Grading

Each assignment is evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

Content (10 points)

Grammar/Mechanics (10 points)

Strategy & writing process












Reader benefit

Word choice†



Overall effectiveness

Writing technique