Weekly Assignments

Weekly Assignments

Week of:

Choose reading and writing assignments for each week:

Aug. 15

Buy a book and test your E-mail before Aug. 15. First Assignment due

Aug. 22.


C. 1 Assignments

C. 1— Career Success Begins with Communication Skills

C. 1 Lecture:  Barriers to Effective Communication

C. 1 Lecture:  High-context and Low-context Culture Styles

C. 1 Lecture: Forms of Nonverbal Communication

Notice: Books purchased in the bookstore have an access code card included in the shrink-wrap text that you will need. If you buy online, use one of the ISBN codes on our Textbook link, since that includes a course code needed for this course.

Assignments are assigned each Monday and are due the following Monday at 5 p.m.

Aug. 22

C. 2 Assignments

Read chapter 2 and turn in homework due by Monday, Aug. 29.

C.2—Planning Business Messages

C. 2 Assignments       C.2 Lecture:  Doublespeak

Aug. 29

C. 3 Assignments

C.3—Composing Business Messages

C 3. Lecture:  Types of Sentences

Sep. 5

C. 4 Assignments

C.4—Revising Business Messages

C.4 Lecture:  Overview of the Writing Process

Sep.  12

C. 5 Assignments


C. 5— Electronic Messages and Memorandums

C. 5 Lecture:  Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Office E-Mail

C. 5 Lecture:  Are “Smileys” Appropriate for Business E-Mail Messages ?

Sep. 19

C. 6 Assignments

C. 6—Positive Messages

C. 6 Lecture:  Critical Thinking Questions

Sep. 26

C. 7 Assignments

C. 7—Negative Messages

C. 7 Lecture: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

C. 7 Lecture: Ethics:  K-Mart Cleans Up Its Act

Oct. 3

C. 7 Assignment

A reinforcement letter is assigned for Chapter 7.

Oct. 10

C. 8 Assignments

C. 8—Persuasive Messages

C.8 Lecture: Critical Thinking Questions

C. 8 Lecture:  Adapting Strategies for Multicultural & International Correspondence

Oct. 17

C. 8 Assignments

A reinforcement letter from Chapter 8 is assigned this week.

Oct. 24

C. 9 Assignments

C. 9—Informal Reports

C. 9 Lecture: Critical Thinking Questions

Oct. 31

C. 10 Assignments

E-mail me if you have not received your Chpt. 10 template.

C. 10—Proposals and Formal Reports

C. 10 Lecture:  Six Methods for Organizing Data

C. 10 Lecture:  Previous Topics for Proposals and Formal Reports


Nov. 7

C. 11 Assignment

C. 11—Professionalism at Work: Business Etiquette, Ethics, Teamwork, and Meetings

C. 11 Lecture: Critical Thinking Questions

C. 11 Lecture: Etiquette 101: A Crash Course in Business and Social Skills

Nov. 14

C. 12 Assignment

Final Exam Tip

C. 12—Business Presentations

C. 12 Lecture: Lack of EthicsThe Worst Deadly Sin in a Presentation 

Nov. 21

C. 13 Assignment

C. 13—The Job Search, Resumes, & Cover Letters

C. 13 Lecture:  Critical Thinking Questions

Nov. 28

C. 14 Assignment

C. 14—Interviewing and Follow-up

C. 14 Lecture: Legality of Employment Requirements Work on your research paper during the remaining class time.

Final Exam is scheduled for Dec. 13, Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. prompt.  Final Exam   Business Management Center Room 102.  Please bring a Scantron form from the bookstore, a #2 pencil, your text, and a piece of picture I.D.  If you cannot take the final at this time, contact me by Nov. 21 so you can test the week of Dec. 5. No testing after Dec. 13.